NASA Perpetual Ocean: The Ocean Surface Currents around the World – information aesthetics

more hypnotic data visualisation:
this time two years worth of ocean current circulation data

…if you think that’s cool, and you have the bandwidth, storage space and an HDTV linked to your computer, I strongly recommend downloading the full 20 minute HD Video (4Gb)

Its good enough to watch without getting stoned!


if you haven’t already, download and install “Collusion” into your browser now. Assuming that is, that your browser is Firefox. The rest of you must, I’m afraid, continue to live in blissful ignorance. At least spend a few minutes on this site to see what you could be learning about what the “owners” are already learning about you…


DeSopa :: Add-ons for Firefox

By all means give this a try but, so far, it hasn’t done too well for me. No doubt better tools are in the pipeline.

More important is that you understand why this or something like it has become necessary. The bare bones are in the summary by the author.

The fraudulent SOPA legislation currently in the process of becoming law is the most ambitious acceleration of the Police State since the infamous USAPATRIOT Act in the opportunistic kneejerk response to 9-11. Unlike that one, however, this one is at least being discussed prior to implementation, which has given the American public the chance to oppose it. Whether they are successful depends how much American mainstream media is collaborating with the Police State. If they are in favour of the proposed oppressive measures, their skills at “Manufacturing Consent” are, to date, somewhat higher than opponents’ abilities to manufacture dissent. If, on the other hand, they join the fight, Congress could be intimidated into backing down.

Ostensibly, the legislation is aimed at stopping so called Piracy. The not so hidden agenda, however, is the overt establishment of the infrastructure required to run a functioning Police State in the age of the internet. Censorship is an absolute requirement for totalitarian control and many of the tools required to implement that censorship are contained in this so called “anti piracy” bill.

Software like the one described in this article are the opponents’ own kneejerk response to the censorship and my money is still on the geeks to outsmart the authoritarians.

DeSopa :: Add-ons for Firefox.

Why I Uninstalled OpenBSD ||

Why I Uninstalled OpenBSD ||

Fascinating short article of interest to anyone in interested in digital security, particularly if, like me, you pin your hopes on the Open Source community.

I too have suffered similar disillusionment when asking for similar assurances from the likes of “Anonymiser” and one or two other “Trust Us to protect you” merchants. Generally they fail on the question: “how are we protected if the State bullies march in demanding the keys to your servers?”

Could a snapshot plug your backup window? • The Register

Could a snapshot plug your backup window? • The Register.

not a technical difference, but a useful one.

In my own mind, I reserve “snapshot” for system/hard drive and “backup” for dynamic data (the stuff that actually matters. All the other stuff can be recreated by re-installing and configuring)

So “Eaz-fix” does my system drive snapshots every day and Handy Backup makes copies of everthing else.

The crossover comes with “archives” which, for me, are snapshots of dynamic data, so that if we fuckup, (rather than just lose) data, we can get back to how it was last week/month/year…

Dog fight game bitten with pro-PETA virus • reghardware

is this the pattern of the future? Groups who disagree with other groups will find a script kiddie to sculpt them a custom built virus just to irritate the “enemy” group? Grow up dorks…