Why Grenfell Tower Went Up Like A Torch – Many Heads Need To Roll

It is extremely rare to get such a condensed, detailed and articulate explanation of why a tragedy has occurred. And even when we do, it’s usually years later; after tribunals, public inquiries, inquests and all the other bureaucratic masturbation has been given full rein (and millions of pounds in public funding) to try to produce a credible excuse for government or local government or corporate failure. Today, we’ve got one incredibly controlled woman speaking laser sharp truth to power in all three sectors; National, Local and Corporate are going to have to find sacrificial goats to compensate for this lethal clusterfuck. What Pilgrim Tucker reveals is nothing less than criminal negligence at all levels of relevant authority.



For the full horror, if you can, watch Newsnight here

But in summary:

No sprinkler systems
A lethal “Stay Put” policy (the flats are supposed to resist fire for at least an hour)
No Communal Fire Alarms
FLAMMABLE CLADDING!!!  Apparently this is NORMAL!

It’s “fire retardant” – “up to a point” – a point obviously dangerously below the point at which there would be any point in calling it fire retardant.

and before the disaster:

Sham consultation
Substandard work
No response to formal complaints
Legal threats against their action campaign seeking to improve fire resistance
Poorer (and even “normal”) citizens can’t afford the Law
and Legal Aid has been withdrawn from “civil” cases

Well at least that last item shouldn’t be an issue from this point on. The criminal prosecution which MUST follow will no doubt be fully funded.

The worst twist this tale could now take would be convincing evidence that a Moslem jihadi started the blaze either accidentally while trying to put together a bomb, or deliberately.  Make damn sure you examine any such claims with forensic care, because if the authoritarians can focus on that angle, the appalling neglect of the welfare of the residents could be swept under the carpet. Bomb or no bomb, that building should never have died like it did.  And while we’re on possible links with MIFT, yes it did burn far more intensely than WTC 7. And no, there’s no sign of it collapsing.

There must be at least a dozen key individuals guilty of some level of criminal negligence and “endangerment” in the progress of this scandal. Those political and corporate heads will, hopefully, roll, but even if they do, it will be far too little, far too late





Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine – YouTube

Excellent summary of “the problem” though I regret it is so tightly focussed on America. America is merely catching up on the authoritarianism which the vast majority of the human population already live under. Most of Asia is deeply authoritarian. As are the Arab states and most of Africa.
Europe is now by far the most liberal zone but it is following in the wake of the United States. South America alone has shown some encouraging signs of movement in the opposite direction.

America’s problem, though, is on a different scale. There is no country I can easily think of which harbours anything like the deep schism in its own society. I have been concerned about the prospects for a second American Civil War for some time now. And this piece doesn’t provide much in the way for reassurance on that score…

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine – YouTube.

Jon Stewart Explains Ultrasound Law To GOP: ‘A TSA Pat-Down In Your Vagina’ | Mediaite

Damn! I mentioned the “Handmaids Tale” (read the comments on that review, written a few years ago) only a couple of days ago and this political crime is right in its crosshairs…

As the medics have pointed out there is no medical requirement or justification for this proposed vaginal penetration and it is clearly not going to involve the informed consent of most women, such an invasion very clearly qualifies as State Rape.

I think you could easily make a sound ethical argument for assassinating any politician who mandates any one of a number of extreme sociopathic policies. Cannibalism and genocide are obvious examples, Then there are a bunch of lesser but still significant evils that the Totalitarian mind can dream up, like, for example, a proposal to recriminalise homosexuality; or to make religion (or atheism) compulsory. State Rape is about on a par with those for ethical value.

My proposal is for a constitutional amendment which would impose a lifetime prohibition on participation in the political process for anyone making a serious attempt to enact such a policy as law.


Jon Stewart Explains Ultrasound Law To GOP: ‘A TSA Pat-Down In Your Vagina’ | Mediaite.

The secret life of J Edgar Hoover | Film | The Observer

Happy new year to all my readers. I hope you both enjoyed the festivities as much as my wife and I did on our first trip to Spain. Absolutely gorgeous. Already trying to figure out how we can move there.

Right, that’s the frivolities out of the way. Now, on with the serious shit. This is going to be a very tough year for the species. The most serious threat, by far, is the failure of the hypnotic trance which persuades people to believe in fiat currency: the illusion that money magicked into existence by edict from the authorities (e.g. so called “quantitative easing” which used to be known, less opaquely, as “printing money”) has any real value.

The financial earthquake which will be triggered when Greece (almost certainly) defaults on its Sovereign debt will, in the opinion of respectable economists, cause a tsunami which has a high probabibility of bringing down the Euro and initiating the eventual collapse of all existing tradeable currencies, forcing us back onto reliance in precious metals and other commodities with “real” value. Trouble with that is the value of those “real” value items is only a tiny fraction of the multi trillion dollar debts that will suddenly go bad. Financial Capitalism is thus about to take the biggest haircut in its history and not many financial capitalists will survive.

Do we care? Not for the individuals perhaps, but the way the economy is currently structured means that for each financial capitalist that goes to the wall, tens of thousands of ordinary citizens will be plunged into poverty. That’s not good news.

The photon of light I am focussed on – at the end of a very long tunnel – is that the resulting collapse might be the straw that breaks the authoritarian camel’s back. Last time the world went into financial meltdown, we saw the rise of the worst rash of authoritarian dictatorship in history. This was possible, I like to kid myself, because the State had total control of the means of communication and they were able to abuse it to broadcast their insidious propaganda with such effective results that whole populations either believed their lies or were intimidated into compliance.

I also like to kid myself that such State control of “the message” is no longer possible and that, instead, the complete failure of the State is becoming increasingly clear to the very same ordinary citizens who are about to suffer the consequences of the kind of collapse we can expect. Hopefully, enough ordinary citizens will not fall for the next attempt at instituting fascism and the attempts will be nipped in the bud.

Why am I bleating all this in the context of this article? Because – as I’ve been saying for some years, though I was certainly not the first – J Edgar Hoover represents the worst form of State control in all it’s glory. He was the epitome of the “Corrupt Insider”

What ordinary citizens must take on board is that to a greater or lesser extent he represents normal behaviour for every politician – or policeman – who achieves any kind of power. They’re not all as bad as he was, obviously. Some are even worse. But, in virtually all cases, the differences are those of degree, not principle. Power corrupts. We’ve known that for centuries. It’s time we dealt with it.

The solution to our ongoing and emerging problems is never going to be found by changing which corruptible individuals hold what passes for economic or political power. NONE can be trusted to wield it on our behalves. We have to design systems of decision making which dissipate power to the people as far as is technically and practically possible. We need to minimise the opportunities for any individual to achieve significant power over any other individual, and, in those few areas where such authority is genuinely operationally necessary, we need to monitor the conduct of that authority much more tightly than any surveillance the authoritarians have been trying to impose on us.

Such systems will expose any attempt to abuse authority, hopefully before it causes significant damage and will make it impossible for the authoritarians to hide what they have done in our name. This is the primary purpose of Trusted Surveillance and Hoover is the poster child for explaining why it is so necessary.

The secret life of J Edgar Hoover | Film | The Observer.

Activists Undermine San Francisco’s No Sitting Law with DIY Benches – Cities – GOOD

excellent activism

Activists Undermine San Francisco's No Sitting Law with DIY Benches – Cities – GOOD.