Scientists shocked to find antibiotics alleviate symptoms of schizophrenia – Science – News – The Independent

So… an antibiotic commonly used to treat acne turns out to be an effective treatment for psychosis. An interesting possibility emerges. Given that the one genuine risk faced by Cannabis consumers is the enhanced probability of psychosis, if they are
a) under the age of 25,
b) consume more than most and
c) have the genetic predisposition to such psychosis,

and given that the same age group are the chief sufferers of acne, it seems reasonable to suggest that we might be able kill both birds with this single stone…

Scientists shocked to find antibiotics alleviate symptoms of schizophrenia – Science – News – The Independent.

Scientists identify link between size of brain region and conformity | Wellcome Trust

my lateral orbitofrontal cortex must have atrophied according to this research. But hang on, I’m extremely sensitive to conflict situations and do try hard to avoid them. I just don’t equate conflict avoidance with conformity. Makes you wonder, though, if this is the brain region exposed by the famous Milgram Experiment and under attack by Fascists and the Media when they try to engage the herd instinct. If so, perhaps we ought, routinely, to teach kids how to suppress it…

Scientists identify link between size of brain region and conformity | Wellcome Trust.

Google and Your Memory – Online Colleges

the key passage in this interesting summary is:

“Our Recall is flawed. Every time we recall a memory we also remake it. Google acts like a fact checker, helping us avoid many errors.”

It’s not quite that simple because google gives you access to the wrong answers just as easily as the right ones, but with a bit of practice, you can learn how to assess the validity of the online sources. (The shortcut is to use wiki, which is now at least as reliable as the “professional” encyclopaedias)

Nevertheless, that key function is rapidly changing the world at micro and macro levels. Arguments over trivial facts (who sung that song, starred in that movie etc) were the first to go. Not because of google but rather because of broadband. Once we had a permanent online connection and it became trivial to fire up the browser and look up the answer to the question, many people, rather than argue the toss (and, perhaps more importantly, rather than be made to look foolish) started saying “why not look it up on the web”. Google’s dominance arose later, when it made itself the superior search engine.

Nowadays, the same functionality is available on any decent smartphone so the same access to instant answers is available wherever we have a decent signal.

The social and political significance of this technological achievement is even more important than it’s potential for changing our psychology and brain function. It means that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for politicians and other manipulators to lie to us. This is the root of the authoritarians’ battle to control the internet. Whether they’re conservatives, communists or creationists, they’d all prefer you to see only the messages they approve.
Google and Memory
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Best Marijuana Argument Ever: Given By Superior Court Judge James P. Gray – YouTube

It’s rare that a video lives up to a title like the one they’ve given this, but, on this occasion, I have to agree. This is the most succint summary of the anti-prohibition argument I’ve ever heard. Now we need similar presentations on the medical case, the economics, the social benefits of alcohol mediation and reduction in consumption of the harder drugs, etc etc.

Then comes the awkward bit. Finding some way to get the people who need to listen to these arguments, to listen to these arguments.

Best Marijuana Argument Ever: Given By Superior Court Judge James P. Gray – YouTube.

Mind Uploading: Brain Facts

good to see it discussed so “matter of factly”.

What we’re talking about here is one of the most exciting prospects in human history: the nitty gritty of what it will take to map the mind for digital uploading – i.e. copying your brain to a digital environment, in order to (initially) act as a “backup” but ultimately to permit omortality, as described here

Mind Uploading: Brain Facts.

Crucified by vigilantes of the internet: MoS proves that innocent young man was falsely branded a thief on the world’s biggest websites | Mail Online

ah yes, file this one under “Old Media, terrified of loss of power, prestige and profit, continues fight to Rubbish Internet”. They ignore the hundred stories about the benefits of social networking or youtube or whatever (criminals identified by their own postings, families reunited, lives saved etc etc) and zero in on the one about a negative consequence.

They do this at least once a week. The internet is forcing porn down our throats! The internet is damaging our brains! The internet is causing the loss of social skills! Using the internet makes you unfit! The internet contains lies!

“The entire episode has proven how social media such as Facebook and Twitter constitute something of a Wild West when it comes to laws of defamation, where anonymous users can accuse innocent people of crimes without any proof, in a spiralling nightmare of libel and slander.”

This “huge” story was so important they assigned two whole reporters to covering it. Presumably the tabloid tossers believe we’ll be unaware of the massive damage their own activities have wreaked on innocent citizens. Presumably they’ll hope we ignore the fact that, 24 hours after that court hearing, that video is no longer accessible and that if you go looking for the story all you will now find are confirmations that he wasn’t guilty. Indeed, I hadn’t heard the initial story at all, so the only impression I’ve come away with is favourable.

Contrast that with the rare occasions the victim has been able to force an apology from the Daily Mail and how little prominence that apology then receives in their own putrid little corner of the social psyche.

Be all of which as it may, there is also an interesting Trusted Surveillance angle. The first is that merely declaring the video as having been created/posted on 13 Nov (2 days after he landed in Japan) shouldn’t have been enough to clear his name (so he was lucky the taxi driver backed him up) Obviously the court and its advisers are ignorant of how easy it is to spoof ALL the timestamps on a video and, in any case, the mere fact that it was posted on Nov 13 doesn’t, even without spoofing, prove that the event didnt’ take place a couple of days earlier.

TS videos will be timestamped by reference to an immutable audit trail which makes it impossible to spoof the creation time. And any Taxi displaying a notice declaring that it is running TS is far less likely to be the subject of such attempted rip-offs in the first place (which is another reason insurance costs will gradually fall).

Crucified by vigilantes of the internet: MoS proves that innocent young man was falsely branded a thief on the world's biggest websites | Mail Online.

Trippy Face Illusion | Things to Look at High!

Trippy Face Illusion