Philips Carousel Commercial – Adam Berg Commercial of the Year Stink Digital – YouTube

this might be advertising. It’s definitely art…

Awesome – Freeze Frame Police Shootout Scene

Freeze Frame Police Shootout Scene Video – Awesome. – Inside Job: Charles Ferguson

and after you’ve watched “Inside Job”, come back and watch this. I’ll be asking questions later… – Inside Job: Charles Ferguson.

crimson permanent assurance.wmv – YouTube

the video that inspired the “Occupy Movement”? Perhaps not, but perhaps it ought to be…

crimson permanent assurance.wmv – YouTube.

BBC iPlayer – Storyville: 2011-2012: Inside Job

Meanwhile, if you’re in the UK, and haven’t already watched this, do so, before the week is out. It provides the most coherent explanation and timeline – as well as the full extent – of the criminal fraud perpetrated by the financial world against the rest of us.

BBC iPlayer – Storyville: 2011-2012: Inside Job.


I challenge you to watch this without tightening your sphincter!


Scotland Yard Four cleared – on phone-hacking • The Register

I have no idea whether Stephenson is a corrupt cop, but I doubt it. Trusted Surveillance in his situation could have made it possible for him to have kept his job. (For example by revealing his disclosure of the “gift” at the time). Yates, however, would almost certainly have no leg to stand on. But had he known that he was operating under Trusted Surveillance, it’s a fair bet he would have performed his duty somewhat more diligently…

Narcissists rise to the top because people mistake their confidence and authority for leadership qualities | Mail Online

two fascinating reports in the Mail, explaining a major component of the authoritarian mindset. The first is this report telling us how Narcissists tend to persuade ordinary citizens – wrongly – that they are more competent than most and thus more deserving of promotion/leadership and, of course, any rewards that go with it. The result is that society tends to pick the most confident leaders rather than the most competent. That ring true with you? Works for me…

Law teacher, 33, accused of raping 16-year-old male student in motel | Mail Online

so is it the position of the Long Island law that a 16 year old boy is incapable of giving his informed consent in a sexual situation?

That’s ludicrous on it’s own, but consider the situation of either a legally married couple (obviously married elsewhere in the States or almost any other western country) – one of whom is 16 and the other over 21, honeymooning in Long Island (go with it – this is a thought experiment). Would the local police seek to prosecute the elder spouse?

And what if the lucky bastard – sorry – rape victim and his “attacker” in this story had committed their act outside the jurisdiction of Long Island, somewhere such ridiculous laws didn’t exist; would they be prosecuted on their return?

I concede that her behaviour qualifies as professional misconduct – no different to a university lecturer having an affair with one of their students – but that’s a civil offence probably serious enough to cost her job; not a criminal offence likely to cost her freedom…

Hauppauge Colossus HD PCIe card • reghardware

close but no cigar. Gimme the version that allows me to record 1080p broadcasts and I’ll beat a path to your door…

David Cameron turns water cannons on social networks • The Register

as usual, the Reg asks the right questions. How exactly would they stop social networks being used for such nefarious purposes? All they can do (if they can link an account to a real person) is prosecute after the event. And what about those helicopters advertising the riot to anyone who wanted to join in?

BBC News – Austrian driver’s religious headgear strains credulity

all hail the FSM…

London Riots, Mark Duggan and Darcus Howe – The other Side of the Story

this is more detail on the Darcus Howe interview and how he was not permitted to make his case…

Sky wins TV riot battle • The Register

excellent critique; to which I’d add that on the few occasions the beeb dared to interview someone who might give an insight into the mindset of the marauders, they felt obliged to interrupt and conclude every sentence with “but that doesn’t justify riot and theft”. To the extent that those who actually understood what was going on (like Darcus Howe) just gave up trying to explain…

India cracks down on the Blackberry • The Register

don’t it make you proud to be British or American and know that your government let’s you use the Blackberry?

Why? Are they more libertarian than the Indians or Arabs? Nope. But they already have access to the BB servers on demand, so our secrets are safe with them…

Tottenham MP calls for BlackBerry Messenging suspension • The Register

and here come the authoritarian kneejerks…