I’m so embarrassed


one of the few photos that’s cost me a keyboard. Felt the urge to caption it.

Other captions are available. Improve on it and send me a link.

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The Prince is Wearing No Clothes!

perhaps if he was an emperor, we wouldn’t be daring to discuss it so openly, but that’s part of the point. He aint. And although he still represents the pinnacle of Capitalist Hierarchy, what has clearly gone missing is Deference.

Actually, I’m impressed. The beeb has spent the whole day looking for someone to lambast the prince, completely without success. Nobody gives a goddam shit. And, obviously, nor should they. Were any prostitutes or married women involved? Was anyone there without their informed consent? No, so woss the problem john?

BBC News –
Naked Prince Harry photos published online

Internet Usage Correlated With Emotional State

I already knew I wasn’t depressive, but the obvious question after reading this is:

Am I not depressed because I don’t do a lot of file sharing, obsessive email checking or frequent switching?
Or is it cos I is black?

Henri 2, Paw de Deux – YouTube

Cat video with class…

Anti-Elitist Upsets Elite

This (what looks like a) hastily constructed website is the online home of Tranton Oldfield, who, yesterday achieved his 15 minutes in the limelight by forcing a halt to the harmless but egregiously elitist symbol known as the University Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge; the first such politically inspired attack in its 158 year history.

Tranton Oldfield

“rambling and incoherent” is how the Daily Mail tries to rubbish these views, while the Telegraph attacks his anti-elitism stance on the grounds that he went to a good school and university. That gives you some idea of how threatened the elite are made to feel by random individuals like this who dare to put their heads above the parapet or, in this case, water.

Frankly, he is a bit rambling and incoherent in places (aren’t we all?), but his intent and ideals are clear enough and I’m obviously sympathetic to those.

More important though, I thoroughly approve of his non violent tactics. The only person he placed in serious jeopardy was himself. That took real courage and he will, I suspect, become a role model for an increasing number of citizens who are beginning to realise that they are entirely excluded from the decision-making process and who’s only choice is which short-term dictatorship will rule over them for the next few years. A choice they must make from a very short list of unattractive alternatives.

More power to his elbow, I say. And ours…


how long would the human race have survived had we all been this honest with everyone we met…


and ythefuq can’t I embed this damn video!!

BBC News – Email and web use ‘to be monitored’ under new laws

Best April Fool story I’ve come across so far today. Attracted over 1500 comments and from the first couple of pages, they don’t seem to have twigged. Furthermore the same story is appearing in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph. (Which is a worrying illustration of how credible such an authoritarian story actually is…)

One clue to the spoof is that they’re all quoting the same source (the Sunday Times) and you can’t read the Sunday Times original without paying. Clever ruse. Another clue is it’s absence from journals who actually have a clue about the web – like The Register.

And the final “clue” is that, were it not an April Fool, the pillocks would have provided the biggest single incentive to home grown terrorism in British history and even I don’t think they’re quite that stupid…

(update April 2nd) …oh shit. Apparently they are…

BBC News – Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new laws.

Flying like a bird | part 14/14 – YouTube

Inspirational. Even if it’s NOT real…

The web is currently divided between sceptics and believers. The sceptics are whingeing that it’s physically impossible. That’s because they’re assuming it’s human-powered flight. It isn’t. And no-one is pretending that it is. It’s servo assisted with battery-powered engines and controlled by Wii interfaces. All entirely plausible, subject only to the amount of battery power he needs and can carry – which would explain why he can only manage a couple of hundred metres – though that is about 3 times as far as the Wright Brothers first flight.

Clever stuff and the result of an engineering graduate’s 8 month R&D project. The whole 15 part story is on youtube. Well worth watching. This is the final part – the successful flight that made it all worthwhile.

I’d say he’s scored an A there…

If, that is, it’s real. And this story has become more interesting to me because it’s hotly disputed and yet impossible to either verify or refute. A classic Trusted Surveillance case study. It wouldn’t be an issue if he had a fully documented audit trail open to examination if disputed.

On the Up side, the project is plausible, as confirmed by the interview with Prof Bert Otten. I’ve been able to check him out and he really is a Professor of Neuromechanics at the University of Groningen.

On the Down side, Jarno Smeets is a pseudonym (hardly something I’m going to complain about) but one without any previous history. Like it was invented purely for the purpose of this project.

On the Up side, if it is a fake, I’d give him an A for that. The sheer amount of effort that has gone into it, fake or not, makes it, at the very least, a work of art.

On the Down side, if it was real, why on earth would he be so reluctant to repeat it, in front of the world’s cameras?

That last, for me at the moment, is the most significant fact. I can’t believe that anyone who had done that for real would be so reticent about repeating the feat. Indeed, failing to respond to the obvious demand would be bordering on the psychotic – given the huge appearance fees he could probably command, not to mention the obvious range of product endorsements he could subsequently select from. He would quickly and easily become a multi millionaire, which would in turn, fund his other no doubt equally ambitious projects. What kind of nutter would reject such an opportunity?

But even that’s not a clincher. He’s Dutch and the Scandinavians are notoriously prone to anti-commercialism. Think Linus Torvalds, ferinstance, who created Linux for free. Yes he has done well for himself as a result of the reputation that earned him. But that’s the point. He earned it. That could be the motivation of Mr Smeets…

Rob Higgs – YouTube

It’ll never sell. They shoulda made it musical…

Rob Higgs – YouTube.

Banks and their Naive notion of Account Security

I’ve whinged long and often about that pathetic procedures that the banks consider to offer “security” to their customers. More often than not, all they do is present obstacles to legitimate use and alienate said customers.

Standup comic Andy Parsons just had a run in with his own bank which illustrates the problem much better than I can: Download and listen to this 3 minute gem from last night’s “Now Show”.

MailOnline is world’s number one: Daily Mail has biggest newspaper website with 45.348 million unique users | Mail Online

Delicious irony. The Mail is my favourite comic. It’s how I annoy myself awake most mornings. So I’m responsible for a fair few of those hits myself.

I love the idea they probably think I’m a fan. And I KNOW that I’m not the only one who scours their site with a blend of fascination and horror, much like coming across a gruesome pileup on the motorway.

I particularly like the idea I can get all the “benefits” of reading the Daily Mail without feeding their coffers. Thanks to AdBlock, I don’t even have to suffer their advertising…

MailOnline is world's number one: Daily Mail has biggest newspaper website with 45.348 million unique users | Mail Online.

Cat vs Printer – The Translation – YouTube

BBC News – Mexico avocado price sparks fears of unrest

how did we overlook this scandal? Perhaps it was because it was the tenth anniversary of 9-11 and we were all wallowing in nostalgia. One day, though, we’ll look back on the great Avocado riots as a turning point in Latin American history…

BBC News – Mexico avocado price sparks fears of unrest.

Wintry Words With Bill Bailey – YouTube

Harry Stottle approves and fully endorses this message.

Wintry Words With Bill Bailey – YouTube.

Ganja-Spear | Girls or Bud

ddamn! I can almost smell that!

Ganja-Spear | Girls or Bud.