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Visual Resurrection Technology Gets Beta

Warning: – before you dive in to the video – if Rap is not your foreplay, mute the sound, it’s not important. It’s the visual virtual human we’ve come to see.

We’ve moved from Alpha to Beta with this technology. The first Release Candidate should be so good that you will not be able, even in its presence, to distinguish it from reality unless you are close enough to try to touch it.

10 years?

Michael Sheen’s The Passion: 72 hours in theatre heaven | Lyn Gardner | Stage |

Everything I’ve heard and seen about this modern Passion Play makes me want to see it.

It might even qualify as a major new art form, given the multiple simultaneous staging of the story, in real-time, with an audience directly participating (by recording and “witnessing” the events as they happened) on an unprecedented scale.

It will certainly put Port Talbot on the map. What I can’t figure out is why it’s currently only showing – on its UK Release Date – in 3 sodding cinemas. You’d have thought at least the Welsh cinemas would have wanted to punt it. Weird…

Click this to watch Michael Sheen guide us through the making of the movie