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Easily the most concise and articulate presentation (I’ve ever seen) of the case against the War On Drugs. Like all other attempts, it will not penetrate the dense wall of fear and ignorance which cushions the authoritarian from reality. But it might reduce the numbers recruited to their cause…

Neuromarketing – How to Focus the message on YOU

Yet another reason to ensure you’re using Adblock.

I’m betting this won’t work for broadcasting, except in those very rare cases where there is a genuine consensus, like, say, the desirability of living long and prospering. In the more typical scenario, where beliefs and opinions are divided, sometimes bitterly, any neuromarketing broadcast to the population at large, will be as likely to alienate as motivate. Mind you, I concede that provoking such polarization will occasionally be the aim and yes, it will work in that context.

But when they start narrowcasting with these techniques, we’ll see some really serious social, commercial and political manipulation made relatively scalable and trivial. And targeted web advertising is right in the centre of their sights as we speak. It’s whole point is narrowcasting, where they know, already, what mindset and beliefs the target holds. Armed with that insight it is clearly going to be pretty easy pretty soon to pick the symbolism which will most profitably leverage that knowledge.

You’ll even persuade yourself you wanted to do it.

Thinking in a Foreign Language Makes Decisions More Rational | Wired Science |

intuitively makes sense but doesn’t offer much comfort as a means of promoting increased social rationality. Half the planet struggles to speak a single language competently; fat chance they’ll consider learning a second…

Proper History

Can’t embed this video, unfortunately (and it’ll expire in a few days anyway) but, if you can, you should download and watch it at your leisure. It’s my kind of history. The History of the real people, rather than the routine fantasy in which all our history is made by glorious leaders…

NASA Perpetual Ocean: The Ocean Surface Currents around the World – information aesthetics

more hypnotic data visualisation:
this time two years worth of ocean current circulation data

…if you think that’s cool, and you have the bandwidth, storage space and an HDTV linked to your computer, I strongly recommend downloading the full 20 minute HD Video (4Gb)

Its good enough to watch without getting stoned!


I’m more fascinated by the fact that they’ve made this information marketable than by the information itself…

Tabloid Watch: body fascism

This, and much else on the site is pure gold. Have you any idea how much drivel you have to crawl through to be able to perform a dissection as good as this? And it doesn’t take too much of your precious time to absorb the message.

My only complaint is that, clearly, nowhere near enough punters know about or visit such sites and we desperately need them to…

Tabloid Watch: body fascism.