The Fence “Jerry Means” – YouTube

fascinating, sinister 6 minute video “Short” made by my new collaborator Todd Randall. Over the next 18 months or so, we’re going to try to give “Talking to God” the video treatment…

The Fence "Jerry Means" – YouTube.

Rob Higgs – YouTube

It’ll never sell. They shoulda made it musical…

Rob Higgs – YouTube.

Technological signs for the end of times

always worth reminding yourself from time to time that the Muslims have an “end times” myth just as psychotic as the Xtian one and here is the technological evidence to prove it…

Technological signs for the end of times.

Where Is Consciousness? I’ve Lost It!

Check out this summary of the work (amongst others) of Prof John Lorber who studied over 600 cases of hydrocephaly (“water on the brain”), the most dramatic of which featured individuals who had lost (or never developed) 95% of their brain tissue yet a) still lived and b) in about half the cases – appeared “above normal” intellect and performance.

The star “performer” was a first class honours maths graduate whom Lorber found to have brain matter restricted to a thin (1mm) layer around the inside of his skull. (The rest of the space being filled with cerebrospinal fluid – the “water” on the brain)

The obvious question, given that level of performance, is “how necessary is the brain?”

Where Is Consciousness? I've Lost It!.

Greenland ‘lurched upward’ in 2010 as 100bn tons of ice melted • The Register

this is probably important, though godnoze y.

More importantly, I can’t wrap my head around the concept of “lurching” 20mm. Try it. Go on, try to “lurch” 20 mm.

See? Can’t be done, not even by a yooman been, let alone a continent…

Greenland 'lurched upward' in 2010 as 100bn tons of ice melted • The Register.

Tiger Woods’ superstar status hobbled the competition

fascinating and I’d bet that, if they had measured it at the time, they would have found a reduced testosterone level in the “subordinates”; exactly like we see in other primate gatherings where there is an overwhelmingly dominant alpha male…

Tiger Woods' superstar status hobbled the competition.

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version – Official – YouTube