The Big Lie still a favourite Authoritarian Tactic

There was, it would seem, no prospect of Gu Kailai submissively playing her part in the show trial which took place in Beijing last week. Previously, the regime would simply have held the trial in secret and announced the results to its gullible public. But appearances now matter even to those currently holding the reins within the dictatorship. So they had to put on at least a token “one day” trial to make it look like something resembling justice was being delivered. When the star of the show refuses to co-operate, however, it’s necessary to recruit an understudy.
Frankly, in the context of a totalitarian regime, which China still is, even though it has dramatically loosened up since Mao’s day, it’s not even a particularly extreme behaviour. What IS bizarre, though, is that they made so little effort to cover up their subterfuge. Given that the point was to show her confession and docile acceptance of the punishment on Television, surely they could have found a better match and surely, even with the poor match they did find, a decent stage make-up artist could have made the actress look at least close enough to suppress giggles of disbelief!

Poo Porn Pervert Practices Personal Hygiene

what I love about this story is what’s implied by the presence of “tissues”. The idea that a little stray semen might matter while wallowing in a ton of liquid shit is about as bizarre a concept as it is possible to frame! Another example of someone who hasn’t quite thought things through…

Lifeguard sacked for saving life in wrong place…

obvious case of insane authoritarianism coupled with a massive failure to understand risk; not to mention a fundamental absence of “common sense”.

The company owner has wisely responded to the media storm and reversed the ruling of the ignorant “jobsworth” who made the ludicrous decision to fire the lifeguard. He has offered reinstatement to the hero and to the other 9 lifeguards who quit in sympathy/protest.

But, so far as I can tell, the irresponsible apparatchik who caused the furore and who obviously should, herself, be dismissed – and probably also needs psychiatric assessment – is still in post. Why? Oh, her name is “Susan Ellis”. The company name is “Geoff Ellis Management”. I think I understand…

Be that as it may, I came across this story in the context of a whinge by a Trade Union activist – taking the opportunity of the G4S Olympic debacle – to argue against subcontracting certain Police services to the same company. He argued that this Lifeguard story is kind of nonsense you can expect when you privatise public services. Boy oh boy is that wide of the mark!

This particularly form of psychosis is certainly not limited to the private sector. I collect such stories and three public sector examples which leap to mind are the mother who died after falling down a mine shaft because (public sector) firemen weren’t allowed to use the rescue gear: the teenager who died after a seizure on the athletics track when (public sector) paramedics refused to carry her across boggy ground; and the man left to die in 3 feet of water by (public sector) rescue workers concerned at their own safety.

The problem, pillock, is not private versus public. The problem is the authoritarian mindset which believes that “rules” or “laws” automatically acquire and deserve the kind of respect biblically attributed to certain tablets of stone…

News Just In: Sometimes the Photograph is Real!

Utterly convinced this could not be a real image.

Couldn’t prove it but the logic didn’t scan. Even if they were sextuplets, woss the chances of them all settling down simultaneously for a photograph???

but, holy shit, this page – and the abc news video on it look pretty convincing…
They musta been drugged…

NBA Finals Lebron Etch A Sketch – YouTube

‘king amazin

Right Wing Mouthpiece For Authoritarianism Notices The Class War Hasn’t Stopped Yet

This is one of those “Dog stands/walks on hind legs” stories. Not done very well but, given the source (Daily Mail), you’re astonished to see it done at all!

It is such a vitriolic attack on the privilege which accompanies money and class that it almost challenges the “Manufacturing Consent” paradigm. It’s as bizarre as Fox News doing a serious piece about media manipulation and cherry picking. So what is Dominic Sandbrook up to? And what are the Mail’s motives in permitting such a provocative piece to be published in their name?

Well it supports claims that they support a wide range of opinions, freedom of speech and that kind of thing, but it isn’t any kind of support for real democratic revolution. I say this despite their support for Tony Benn’s plea that we open up politics to wider participation. Indeed, his plea is the key. He was much more egalitarian but no more democratic than the Daily Mail. A fervent supporter of “Parliamentary Democracy” he always argued for the supremacy of Parliament – the Elected Dictatorship.

The Mail are also quite happy with that arrangement. What both the Mail and Benn are after is reversing the direction of influence. Rather than the system we’ve endured for a couple of thousand years where all Decisions and Edicts fall on us from on high, Benn and Mail want the elected Dictators to “Listen To The People”. And both Benn and the Mail favour such a change because they both believe that they can influence The People more easily than the real Decision Makers.

So, in the end, it really still is all about Manufacturing Consent…

Scientists stumped by mysterious foam causing hog farms to explode | Mail Online

tragic though this obviously is for the ham, we may have inadvertently discovered a novel way to farm the methane created by the pig slurry, and that could be worth its weight in oil…

The Fence “Jerry Means” – YouTube

fascinating, sinister 6 minute video “Short” made by my new collaborator Todd Randall. Over the next 18 months or so, we’re going to try to give “Talking to God” the video treatment…

The Fence "Jerry Means" – YouTube.

Rob Higgs – YouTube

It’ll never sell. They shoulda made it musical…

Rob Higgs – YouTube.

Technological signs for the end of times

always worth reminding yourself from time to time that the Muslims have an “end times” myth just as psychotic as the Xtian one and here is the technological evidence to prove it…

Technological signs for the end of times.

Where Is Consciousness? I’ve Lost It!

Check out this summary of the work (amongst others) of Prof John Lorber who studied over 600 cases of hydrocephaly (“water on the brain”), the most dramatic of which featured individuals who had lost (or never developed) 95% of their brain tissue yet a) still lived and b) in about half the cases – appeared “above normal” intellect and performance.

The star “performer” was a first class honours maths graduate whom Lorber found to have brain matter restricted to a thin (1mm) layer around the inside of his skull. (The rest of the space being filled with cerebrospinal fluid – the “water” on the brain)

The obvious question, given that level of performance, is “how necessary is the brain?”

Where Is Consciousness? I've Lost It!.

Greenland ‘lurched upward’ in 2010 as 100bn tons of ice melted • The Register

this is probably important, though godnoze y.

More importantly, I can’t wrap my head around the concept of “lurching” 20mm. Try it. Go on, try to “lurch” 20 mm.

See? Can’t be done, not even by a yooman been, let alone a continent…

Greenland 'lurched upward' in 2010 as 100bn tons of ice melted • The Register.

Tiger Woods’ superstar status hobbled the competition

fascinating and I’d bet that, if they had measured it at the time, they would have found a reduced testosterone level in the “subordinates”; exactly like we see in other primate gatherings where there is an overwhelmingly dominant alpha male…

Tiger Woods' superstar status hobbled the competition.

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version – Official – YouTube

Nude lady recreates Star Wars tauntaun scene in dead horse • The Register

Nude lady recreates Star Wars tauntaun scene in dead horse • The Register.

Do the protesters imagine that the horse was killed for the purpose of this (dubious) work of art? Clearly it wasn’t, so what’s the beef? Are we now expected to venerate various forms of non human dead meat just because we keep some of them as pets??!!