About the Indian Rape Epidemic? Take a look in the Mirror

If you haven’t seen India’s Daughter yet, put it in your diary, or (until they take it down anyway) watch it right here right now.

Meanwhile scroll down to the second paragraph under the second picture in that story. Read the first 3 sentences.

Oh Bollocks. I’ll save you the trouble. You can read the whole thing later.

Each country has its own appalling bloody tally. India has a population of 1.2 billion. A rape occurs every 20 minutes. In England and Wales, 85,000 women are raped every year.

Now, ask yourself, why have they written it like that? 1 rape every 20 minutes in India. 85000 a year in England and Wales. I asked my wife that. She responded immediately: “They’re trying to conceal something”. Quite so. Obviously we’re supposed to be horrified at the extent of the Rape epidemic in India. Every 20 Minutes.

Do the math. 85000 a year is 9.7 every HOUR. That’s just short of one rape every 6 minutes in England and Wales. Makes India look almost restrained…

And England and Wales Population is less than a twentieth of the Population of India. Which makes our Rape Rate 74 times – ie 7,400 percent – worse than the Indian Rape Rate.

Now, actually, I don’t believe that. Even though, as the article goes on to explain, Jyoti’s story dramatically increased the Rape REPORTING Rate in India, I suspect it’s still way behind the Reporting Rate in the UK. And I’m sure if the reporting rates were the same, it would definitely close the gap. But it certainly doesn’t suggest we have any reason whatsoever to believe that women in our country are any LESS likely to be raped than their sisters in India.

I’m sure both of my readers will recognise that I’ve made this same argument before, back in January 2013, but I seem to be the only one pointing out the nakedness of our Empirical patronage. If you follow that link, it has the sources which also reveal that the USA rape rate is about the same as the UK and that Sweden, of all places, reports the highest levels.

I don’t believe that either.

I suspect the Rape Rate in Sweden is amongst the lowest on the planet, so if they’re reporting the highest rates, it almost certainly means that women in Sweden are probably the most likely to report their abusers. Probably as close to 100% as we’re likely to get and that suggests the UK/USA rates are at least double what those sources suggest. Definitely no room for complacent finger wagging.

And why is the Guardian, of all outlets, aiding and abetting this distorted view of our cultural superiority?

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5 Responses to About the Indian Rape Epidemic? Take a look in the Mirror

  1. I enjoy your blogs Harry.

    Unfortunately I also see the fad in calling “rape” and the redefinition of the word and act. At least here in the United States. Now, if there is lack of verbal consent, it is considered rape. I dove into this topic a bit hard with my husband in forming this response and am honestly still unclear who is raping whom in certain situations. If a female is manipulating a man with her hands and neither gives verbal consent is that considered rape and which would be the rapist and which the rape-ee? In any event, the laws concerning rape are still very unclear here and in some situations ridiculous. I wonder how much of that fodder is taken into consideration when putting together the statistics you mentioned?

    • I suspect you’re quite right about the both the looseness and wide variety of definitions of rape. Remember, for instance, the “rape” of which Julian Assange is accused in Sweden – not non-consensual sex but failure to use a condom without consent. Now you might make a reasonable case for that being an offence of some kind but calling it Rape is ridiculous and devalues the struggle to eliminate that vile behaviour (and might account, in part, for Sweden’s position at the top of the reported Rape table).

      At the opposited end of the scale, under Sharia Law, a Rape requires 4 male witnesses to the deed before a conviction can be sustained; there is no recognition of rape in marriage and no crime equivalent to what we call “statutory rape” – sex with underage children.

      So yes, global statistics are virtually meaningless. But it doesn’t help when a reputable journal like the Guardian further muddies the water by deliberately obscuring its own presentation…

  2. You have more than two readers! The problem is you are looking at how many people “like” your blog, and in order to “like” a blog, you must have a blog yourself, which seriously thins the pool of potential likers. I suspect there are many more people who read your material without starting their own wordpress blog.

  3. I love your writing and have for years, yet I would consider myself something of a ‘lurker.’ I don’t contribute much mass to the internet, participating rather as an observer. What you write about and how you do it, though, has been inspiring me for years to eventually formulate my thoughts into well-articulated words. Please, keep writing, for both of us and more.

  4. well thanks guys. This comment stream alone proves I’ve got at least 3 readers now!

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