The Effects of Manuka Honey on Plaque and Gingivitis

I’d like to think I can claim a tiny part of the responsibility for research in this field if not this particular example.

I first read this article (sorry, most of it is behind a paywall) on the wound healing benefits of Manuka honey in October 2000. At the time I was experiencing major plaque problems, to the extent that I was having to visit the dentist every 3 months for a clean and scrape. I read the article and thought “surely if it’s that potent, it ought to be able to kill the bacteria causing my plaque”.

But I was nervous about what taking such a powerful antibiotic might do to my insides, particularly the beneficial flora I was so careful to encourage with my daily intake of live yogurt. So I wrote to the lead researcher – Dr Peter Molan – at the University of Waikato in New Zealand and asked his advice. He reassured me that, once swallowed, the honey quickly became too dilute to cause harm and even offered to send research samples to my own dentist if I could persuade them to conduct trials. He also said he was minded to consider such research himself.

I’ve been using UMF15+ Manuka ever since. At that time, nobody, including Peter Molan, knew how or why it was so effective. It took till 2008 for the discovery of Methylglyoxal as the principle bacteria killer.

The plaque problem was resolved instantly. If you want to try it yourself, all it takes is this:

After you’ve brushed your teeth last thing at night, quickly brush again with about half a teaspoon of manuka. The aim is to coat (mainly) the “outside” surfaces (nearest the cheek). Then take another level teaspoon of manuka and suck it off the spoon, and, using your tongue, try to squeeze it, equally, between all your teeth. Try to hold it in your mouth, without swallowing, for as long as possible; the idea being to expose any bacteria in your mouth, for as long as possible, to the manuka. In practice, you’ll find you can’t retain much of it for more than about 45 seconds, but that’s fine. I suspect 30 seconds is probably enough to kill any of the little critters hiding in your teeth.

When I proposed this self-treatment to my Dentist, they were somewhat less than enthusiastic. They advised the precaution of a baseline xray and examination so they could judge the long term effects. I now visit the dentist about once every 3 years and at my last visit (May this year) they confessed to how pleased and surprised they were at the long term effects of the manuka. My teeth, they told me, have, since 2000, suffered nothing more than the inevitable damage caused by wear and tear. In other words none of the problems caused by oral bacteria have manifested in my mouth since I started taking the stuff. And now, 12 years later, the research is finally emerging to justify my guess.

Strangely, my dentist never showed any interest in conducting their own research into a substance that might reduce their business by 90%. Can’t think why…

Is this the “Proud America” War Hero – John Wrana – fought for?

I’m horrified by the thought of his last thoughts – as he painfully died from an overdose of its authoritarian TLC.

Assuming the facts of the case to be as described (and I’ve, so far, found no contradiction or rebuttal) I can think of no clearer case for a Lynch Mob. The state employed bullies who did this should die, and preferably by similar means. Their attack on an elderly and confused citizen, however “aggressive” he might have been trying to be, is completely indefensible and utterly unforgivable. This is the Police State of America, in full technicolour metal jackets.

And are we really saying that none of those professionally trained and fully armed thugs – apparently in full riot gear (including riot shields) – were capable of assessing the threat intelligently and disarming a “wobbly” 95-year-old without resorting to a fucking taser??? You cowardly vicious trigger-happy subhuman fascist motherfuckers. We need a new circle of hell just for you…

And how or why do they get away with this shit?

Because the American mainstream media – with the honourable exception, on this occasion, of the Chicago Tribune – don't even bother to report it. Bear in mind that this happened 27 July – nearly two weeks ago. Plenty of time for the Fourth Estate to get it’s shameful act together. Bear in mind too, that this has already been ruled by the coroner as a Police HOMICIDE, not just a horrible accident.

Yet below, for example, is the first page of google results I got when I went looking for corroboration. You will look in vain for the New York Times (Liberal? Yeah right), The Washington Post, The LA Times, The SF Chronicle or any of those big titles that used to have a proud journalistic tradition. (You’d almost think that the media were somehow collaborating with the Police State. Surely that can’t be true…)
google first page results John Wrana 95 year old tasering

And I really did look hard for evidence of coverage by the big boys. I used google site search to find any mention of John Wrana on the NY Times site, LA Times, and Washington Post. All Nada. Their own internal searches returned Zero results for “John Wrana” as well. All I could find was this miserable minimalist treatment by the SFC whose headline makes it look like the story is about faulty bean bags!

The only “innocent” explanation I can come up with to explain their apparent complete indifference to this outrage is that there are now so many stories like this, that it’s no longer news. And if that’s within a million miles of the truth, America is in really deep doodoo.

As to what I truly hope was not going through John Wrana’s dying mind:
“Me and my brothers in arms fought and died to prevent this kind of authority ever coming to my own country…”

I’m going to keep saying this until someone realises I’m being deadly serious. We MUST change the rules.
Citizen – Innocent Until Proved Guilty
Authority – Guilty Until Proved Innocent