Motes, Beams, Rape n stuff…

This may be the first time I’ve quoted something from the bible in support of one of my own arguments but it is particularly apt:

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? (Matthew 7:3)

The author of this strange Alternet piece tries to argue that the current Indian “rage against women” – as evidenced by the sudden rash of rape stories – is a result of their social evolution gradually changing the gender roles and balance of power, to the benefit of women, which, consequently represents a threat to the male ego and their sense of god given authority.

Their argument would be somewhat more plausible if the actual rate of rape in India was spectacularly above the global norm. In fact, as anyone can find out for themselves just by googling “rape rates statistics” , the Indian rape rate (1.8 per 10,000 population) is considerably lower (one fourteenth ish) of the USA or UK rape rates (27.3 and 28.8 respectively)

The statistic I found most surprising, however, was the rate for that bastion of gender equality, Sweden, where, apparently women are raped at more that twice the rate of either the UK or USA, which means something over 30 (three zero) times as often as their oppressed sisters in India.

Of course, the Swedish statistics might be somewhat skewed by the fact that they treat failure to use a condom as rape, even if the sex was consensual (hence Julian Assange’s present difficulties). Clearly the rape story is somewhat more complex than the author’s kneejerk analysis. But the real scandal is that the vastly greater prevalence of rape in our “civilised” countries attracts far less attention than we are seeing over a couple of gory stories and politically incorrect comments from India…

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3 Responses to Motes, Beams, Rape n stuff…

  1. Don’t forget that lower rape rates in India may also be attributed to faulty justice systems. I am pretty sure it is more feasible to report and convict a rapist in the US/UK/Sweden than India, where different cultural and societal layers exist. Same is true for many African countries.

    That aside, the reason I came to your site is because I read your conversation with God last night and was immensely moved. I want to know if it is entirely or partially fictional–am I allowed to ask? No answer will change the way I feel about the content. I’m just curious 😉

    From a fellow albeit far less seasoned writer, thanks for providing such great writing and insight to the world.

  2. Greetings Dana
    You’re quite right to point out that (as the Wiki Page itself does) that we don’t know the provenance of the statistics. But until someone does appropriate comparative research, it’s the only evidence we’ve got and my point is that the hysterical media reaction doesn’t even mention the evidence that does exist. Without discussion, we are merely supposed to assume that a few high profile stories from the sub continent implies that their abuse of women is massively worse than our own. I for one, don’t buy it!

    In my life to date, I have been close enough to about two dozen women for them to share intimate confidences with me. The vast majority were white UK citizens. 4 were US citizens. 2 were Asian UK citizens. All bar four reported at least one instance of rape or serious sexual abuse as children. Discussions I’ve had more widely (particularly with women at Trade Union conferences and schools) strongly indicate that my “findings” are representative and that the vast majority of women in the Western World are or have routinely been subject to “normalised” sexual abuse of greater or lesser severity. I suspect this has been true not for the last few decades but ever since we climbed down from the trees.

    The world at large needs to recognise that this “natural” abuse of male power is a permanent feature of the human condition and is rampant globally, not just in India and the other developing countries. It is one of the conditions which I believe my Trusted Surveillance proposals can do a great deal to minimise.

    Regarding your comments on my “Conversation with God”, glad you like it and you’re by no means the first to ask the question. So much so, that I have provided a standard reply which can be found here

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