Lytro – Light Field Cameras

dunno whether to be pleased it’s finally arrived or pissed off that I missed my own commercial opportunity.

I’ve been interested in light field technology for about 10 years. I didn’t even know, until recently, it was called “light field technology”, although I had encountered Plenoptics. The reason I became interested was in connection with VR technology and why the VR helmets continue to fail.

I eventually concluded that the cause was the cognitive dissonance caused by the conflict between the eye’s accommodation and the brain’s 3D mapping function where, inside a typical VR helmet, each eye is tightly focussed on an image a couple of inches away while the brain is knitting two such images together and concluding that the object being focussed on is, say, 20 feet away. “Tilt”, say’s the brain, “one of my sources must be lying! If you don’t sort it out, I’m going to make you extremely nauseous in about 20 minutes”

The solution, I concluded, was to present the eye with the same data it would see in the real world, rather than the pre-focussed image presented in a VR helmet. I had no idea how to achieve that and came across Plenoptics in my search.

It now seems that Lytro has cracked the image capture problem with their light field camera. I’m wondering, therefore, whether it has occurred to them that they’ve probably also cracked the VR problem and, if so, when can we expect to see the commercial versions of their VR helmets.

Incidentally, you may have assumed from this interest that I’m a gaming freak or similar. I’m not and never have been. My interest is philosophical/academic as I view genuine VR as a major step on the road to our digital future…



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