4 Signs the American Spring May Be Coming to Chicago | Occupy Wall Street | AlterNet

‘twould be mildly satisfying to see Chicago brought to an embarrassing halt for the summits, but it wouldn’t win any arguments. If you insist on doing it by confronting the best armed state in human history, there’s going to be a bloodbath and most of it will be on our side.

We need to apply intelligence to the problem. How, for example, could we close down Chicago WITHOUT confrontation…

4 Signs the American Spring May Be Coming to Chicago | Occupy Wall Street | AlterNet.

I’ve not changed my mind: our banks are brutish institutions run by brutes | Mail Online

how far does this “enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing go?

To have someone like Max Hastings railing against the Financial parasites in the banking industry – especially from within the pages of the Daily Mail – is a bit like finding a member of the Westboro Baptist Church complaining, publicly, that picketing soldiers’ funerals is giving the Church a bad name…

I've not changed my mind: our banks are brutish institutions run by brutes | Mail Online.

The Best of Cablegate: Instances Where Public Discourse Benefited from the Leaks | Electronic Frontier Foundation

classic Trusted Surveillance examples of both need and delivery…

The Best of Cablegate: Instances Where Public Discourse Benefited from the Leaks | Electronic Frontier Foundation.

FadedFools – OG Kush Pictures » High Res Photo


FadedFools – OG Kush Pictures » High Res Photo.

How to Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents.

regrettably, few will know about the contents of this excellent historical summary. Few will read it.

It outlines capital crimes committed by a series of American Presidents which put them, collectively at least, in the same league as Stalin, Hitler and Mao, although, to be fair, they did at least have the “decency” to concentrate most of their fire on johnny foreigner rather than their own citizens. Which is probably why they’ve got away with it so often and often so blatantly.

They really are immune. Cheney has confirmed that, if there was any lingering doubt. He’s confessed to the war crime of torture and isn’t even being seriously criticised for it, let alone prosecuted.

The fact that most Americans are unaware of or deny the validity of the charges laid out in this article, is a major reason why the constant global crisis caused and profitably maintained by the American Military Industrial Empire can proceed with relative impunity. With the complicity of the media, the common citizen has been so deeply conditioned and confused that they cannot conceive that their masters could ever really be such monsters…

How to Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents..

Red Duchess wed lesbian lover to snub children – Telegraph

Tell me this aint a damn good storyline for a movie!

Born into the Aristocracy, a member of the illegal (under Fascist Franco) Socialist Party, defeated in a court case, by her own children who succeeded in preventing her giving away a large portion of her wealth and then, apparently to prevent them getting their hands on the estate, wedding, on her death bed, her lesbian lover of twenty years.

Pretty fascinating stuff on its own, but what really made her a heroine was going to jail for 8 months in the 60s for leading popular protests at the near catastrophe caused by the Americans dropping 4 hydrogen bombs from a crashing B52 after it collided with a fuel tanker over Southern Spain.

I’m betting you’ve never heard that story. I can’t remember hearing about it and I was definitely awake at the time. Can you imagine the coverage that would get today??!! Four H Bombs dropped near the village of Palomares, 2 of them actually detonated on impact.

Not their nuclear payload, obviously (I think you might have heard about that one) but the conventional explosive required to detonate the atomic bomb (plutonium) which in turn compresses the hydrogen to the point required to trigger a thermonuclear explosion. Although they didn’t trigger any kind of nuclear explosion, they did, naturally, spread the plutonium over nearly a square mile of Spanish soil. It’s still contaminated today.

And I only came across this story because I had this sudden notion that we need a “Bayesian Search Engine” where you could punch in things like “Lymphatic Cancer” and find all the potential causes of it. So I went looking for “Bayesian Search” and found, instead, that it’s a long established statistically driven Search protocol for finding lost things of great importance; like missing H Bombs. Although 3 of the bombs above landed on dry land and were found the same day, one dropped into the mediterranean and took two and half months to find – using a Bayesean Searth protocol. Which is mildly interesting in its own right, but not a patch on the Red Duchess…

Red Duchess wed lesbian lover to snub children – Telegraph.

Knowing 2009 – IMDb

Only just caught this movie on TV. Reading the Rotten Reviews inclined me not to bother, but there was an intriguing difference between the average professional critic and the average punter on this one. About 2/3 of the critics panned it, while about 2/3 of the punters praised it. That usually makes for an interesting revelation. I think I’m with the majority for a change. Which worries me because a fair chunk of that majority probably see this movie as “End Times Porn”.

I don’t object to far out fantasies. One of my all time favourite book/series is the Dune Saga (six written by Frank Herbert and 3 co written by his son, Brian and Kevin Anderson.) It’s completely fantastical and largely based in a series of physical laws which simply do not and could not hold sway in this universe. But it works because, once you agree to suspend disbelief and go with it, it is entirely self consistent.

That is what works in this movie as well. You have to get over the extraordinarily implausible time capsule prediction starting point and the apocalyptic end point and just ask “yeah, but if it DID happen like that, what would you do any different to what Cage’s character actually does. The story has the courage of its convictions. None of your soppy hollywood happy endings. The world does end, and the whole point of the predictions was not to enable warnings and successful attempts at warding off the disaster.

That was irrevocable and even, apparently, a species capable of understanding the chaotic workings of a star to the point of being able to predict a super solar flare pointing exactly in the wrong direction (for Earthlings anyway) about half a century into the future and capable of travelling interstellar distances; even such a species was incapable of preventing the disaster. So the point was, presumably, only to bring together the two kids, Abbi and Caleb so they can be rescued by the aliens and, together with a few dozen other pairs of similarly kidnapped (we presume) kids from around the planet, could be used to seed Homo Sapiens 2.0 on a distant protected planet.

On which basis, I’m prepared to forgive the catastrophic runaway explosion sequence which gratuitously boils the surface of the earth at the end of the story – despite the event “only” being a giant solar flare which, though it really could plausibly clear the ozone layer and wipe out most living organisms on the planet, would certainly not cause any kind of runaway global chain reaction in the Earth’s crust.

Regrettably, the deaths would come much more slowly and painfully than that. It would take a couple of centuries for everything to die. It would probably take 5-10 years to reach a peak.

But gotta admit, either way, it wouldn’t be a happy ending and it is gratifying, occasionally, to watch a disaster movie that dares to follow its principles to a logical conclusion. Oh, and the disasters they did create for the movie were some of the most convincing I’ve ever seen. We certainly had plenty of warning, they weren’t going to pull any punches…

Knowing 2009 – IMDb.