Red Duchess wed lesbian lover to snub children – Telegraph

Tell me this aint a damn good storyline for a movie!

Born into the Aristocracy, a member of the illegal (under Fascist Franco) Socialist Party, defeated in a court case, by her own children who succeeded in preventing her giving away a large portion of her wealth and then, apparently to prevent them getting their hands on the estate, wedding, on her death bed, her lesbian lover of twenty years.

Pretty fascinating stuff on its own, but what really made her a heroine was going to jail for 8 months in the 60s for leading popular protests at the near catastrophe caused by the Americans dropping 4 hydrogen bombs from a crashing B52 after it collided with a fuel tanker over Southern Spain.

I’m betting you’ve never heard that story. I can’t remember hearing about it and I was definitely awake at the time. Can you imagine the coverage that would get today??!! Four H Bombs dropped near the village of Palomares, 2 of them actually detonated on impact.

Not their nuclear payload, obviously (I think you might have heard about that one) but the conventional explosive required to detonate the atomic bomb (plutonium) which in turn compresses the hydrogen to the point required to trigger a thermonuclear explosion. Although they didn’t trigger any kind of nuclear explosion, they did, naturally, spread the plutonium over nearly a square mile of Spanish soil. It’s still contaminated today.

And I only came across this story because I had this sudden notion that we need a “Bayesian Search Engine” where you could punch in things like “Lymphatic Cancer” and find all the potential causes of it. So I went looking for “Bayesian Search” and found, instead, that it’s a long established statistically driven Search protocol for finding lost things of great importance; like missing H Bombs. Although 3 of the bombs above landed on dry land and were found the same day, one dropped into the mediterranean and took two and half months to find – using a Bayesean Searth protocol. Which is mildly interesting in its own right, but not a patch on the Red Duchess…

Red Duchess wed lesbian lover to snub children – Telegraph.


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