Iran draws veil over secure internet access • The Register

this would be less interesting if it weren’t for the fact that today, we’ve also seen the bizarre announcement by armoured dinner jacket that Iran is about to announce “major nuclear progress

I suspect the two are closely connected. Either they don’t want details (other than the ones they want us to know) to leak, so they’re seizing control of the means of communication. Or they don’t want us to know what the local reaction may be to whatever they’re about to announce; so they’re seizing control of the means of communication…

As to what they’re about to announce, my money’s on a Nuclear Reactor (or a key stage in its development). Were it to be what the tabloids are likely to speculate (if they haven’t already – oh wait a minute, yes they have. Imagine my surprise…) – the announcement of a working atomic bomb – then that would probably trigger an attack by Israel within 72 hours. And America would have no choice but to endorse the attack. I suspect the Iranians are more than capable of making the same judgment and I suspect (hope) they’re not quite as insane as they are painted.

If it is “merely” the imminent prospect of a working reactor rather than working bomb, the development would be entirely in line with their long standing stated aims: Peaceful use of nuclear power. And no such military first strike would be justified. They will hope that the hawks in Israel and the Pentagon will be wrong footed.

If I’m wrong about this, it might be a good time to join the preppers

Iran draws veil over secure internet access • The Register.


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