Pensioner gets £20k after police smashed his Range Rover’s window | Mail Online

and, as if to prove the point (about the lower intelligence level of authoritarians and right wingers generally): Here we have yet another story about the state employed bullies being caught by their own camera.

None of which comes as a surprise. What is somewhat more disturbing is the revelation that

“Gwent Police can confirm that following a three-day disciplinary hearing two officers were found not guilty of breaching standards of professional behaviour and their actions were justified,”

which, is perverse. Its credibility falls below zero, of course, by virtue of the fact that unlike a public court hearing, we don’t get to watch the conduct of an internal disciplinary hearing. I have written to Paul Flynn (MP for Newport West) who remains one of the few politicians I respect and trust and asked him to look into the matter and see if he can bring some public light to the matter…

Pensioner gets £20k after police smashed his Range Rover's window | Mail Online.


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