Journalist Chris Hedges Files Lawsuit Over NDAA – YouTube

turn on your Alex Jones filter and listen to this interview. I’m encouraged by the comments re “waking people up” but I have to say if that was true, there would have been millions marching in the streets against the latest Police State legislation. All I’m seeing, so far, are a few well meaning protests like this one.

And even these vigorous attackers frequently miss the target. Perhaps it’s because they are operating in such a target rich environment. For example there is an interesting discussion 26 minutes in about how the authoritarians are nakedly honest about their criminal activities because they “own the process” and know that they are untouchable. The number one example they didn’t touch on is Dick Cheney’s confession of support for the State use of torture. After the complete absence of a media or political reaction to that story, the political support for totalitarian measures like the NDAA is hardly surprising…

Journalist Chris Hedges Files Lawsuit Over NDAA – YouTube.


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