David Norkett, 17, dies falling over high on skunk and proves Richard Branson is wrong about drugs | Mail Online

Conceivaby the stupidest anti-cannabis argument I’ve ever read, and the Daily Mail sets a high standard in that field!

A skunk smoker falls down the stairs. And that’s enough, apparently, to justify the (continuing) prohibition of cannabis. If so, I presume the tabloid will now begin a campaign to prohibit all those other substances which cause accidents, the most notorious of which is, of course, alcohol. But even routine painkillers will fall into this net. They certainly cause far more accidental deaths each year than cannabis.

In fact, of all the mind altering substances, cannabis is probably the safest and least accident inducing. Why? Because one of the things it is often criticised for – inducing mild paranoia – makes users more cautious and thus less likely to take risks than, for example, alcohol which tends to make users more prone to risk taking. This has been the consistent result of the many research studies which have attempted to demonstrate the “dangers” of cannabis in such activities as driving. Instead of showing an increase in accident prone-ness similar to alcohol, all such studies have revealed a range of effects which, together, imply “no significant increase” in risk.

For a review of the evidence and sources, check out this page

Presumably the Mail’s editorial line will now include support for continuing the Saudi ban on female drivers, given the death of one of its opponents

David Norkett, 17, dies falling over high on skunk and proves Richard Branson is wrong about drugs | Mail Online.

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