Secret Files of J. Edgar Hoover – Rotten Tomatoes

I s’pose you’re wondering why I called you here tonight…

I’ve long argued that J Edgar Hoover is the king of Corrupt Insiders and, as such my “poster child” for Trusted Surveillance. It’s public servants like him that make Trusted Surveillance so necessary.

So it’s no surprise that I have just dragged my wife along to see “J Edgar”. I wanted to see how much of his corruption they would dare to reveal. I was pleasantly surprised. No one should leave the theatre thinking he was any kind of hero. Yes he does deserve credit for his persistence in pursuit of the disciplined collection and use of fingerprint data and the formalisation of evidence gathering techniques.

But from day 1 he was a law unto himself and grossly abused the power that came with his surveillance authority. His criminal blackmail of a succession of presidents is unprecedented in human history.

When we got home, I knew I had a lo res copy of the movie “Secret Files of J Edgar Hoover” and wanted to revisit it straight after watching the new movie. Disaster! It’s only the first 39 minutes!!!

Coulda sworn I had the whole thing. Mais non. So I’ll try and download it again. No trace. OK, bugger it, I’ll buy it on DVD. It’s that important.

Try it!

If you succeed, please let me know how and where ‘cos I can’t find it. I can only find it on VHS. So Last Century…

Doesn’t that strike you as strange?

I’m not aware of any legal challenge to the veracity of the facts revealed by that movie. And I cannot believe that I’m the only one who’d want to buy a copy. I know of a couple of million who’d want to watch it. And I’d bet that 10% of those would be prepared to pay for a copy.

So how on earth does a product with such an obvious market, disappear without trace?

Let’s see what kind of reviews the movie got…

Secret Files of J. Edgar Hoover – Rotten Tomatoes.


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