2. US Military Manipulates the Social Media | Project Censored

another fascinating authoritarian masturbation fantasy. Not a new one, though, as we’ll see later.

The imbeciles are clearly not so naive as to imagine they can create AI software “agents” to act as petrolls (pro-empire trolls? surely we can think of something more sneering…).

The software merely helps one of the trained primates working for the CIA, NSA or whatever keep multiple personality data sets in good order so that they have their cover story on tap. You can do the same thing with roboform with a bit of imagination. A lot cheaper, as well.

More imagination, though, than I suspect these control freaks can handle. Imagination enough, for example, to be able to understand that making cogent consistent arguments requires a level of consistent intellectual focus that requires 100% of your attention. And your resulting style will reflect that in ways that – any psychologist will confirm – cannot be disguised.

I’ve tried setting up sock puppets myself and if it’s an argument I believe in, it’s embarrassingly obvious that it’s my own writing. So much so that I’ve never made more than a couple of attempts with any such puppet.

So, if they truly believe what they’re saying, their style, spelling preferences, logic, vocabulary, tone etc etc will give them away to anyone who gives a shit.

And if they don’t truly believe their arguments, and they’re just peddling the party propaganda line, that will be even more painfully transparent and they’ll just be laughed off the forum.

Here’s an example of a pathetic Israeli attempt at similar “manipulation” of my own forum – as far back as 2006. I’ve left it there as an example to the class.

What is pleasing, however, if the story has legs, is that it marks a recognition, by the authoritarians that this is where the battle will be fought. They have to come on to our territory. Here they don’t have the passive semi captive audience they’re used to dealing with through the traditional mainstream media.

Here, they’re dealing with punters who have learned to answer back – with increasing intelligence. Here, they can’t force anyone to watch or read their drivel, any more than I can make people read mine. Here, you cannot command respect. You can only earn it. And frankly, I don’t think they’re up to it.

So the web is a wonderful equaliser and I’m confident that the masses are learning fast. They will, eventually, learn to distinguish the good shit from the bullshit.

The question is: will We The People learn to make that distinction in time to prevent our extinction…

2. US Military Manipulates the Social Media | Project Censored.


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