We the People, Not We the Corporations | Move to Amend

good luck with that.

I mean it. You’ll need it. Stripping the planet’s true rulers of one pillar of their priveleged status would represent a major victory for We The People. Don’t expect it to come cheap…

This a brave call to action and one, I hope, not prompted by bravado.  If it fizzles out like a damp squib, it will severely demoralize the growing anti-corporatist movement.

The turnout on January 20  will be a meaningful test of the “mood of the masses”. If it is going to avoid being laughed at, it’s got to match, and preferably exceed the peak of the Tea Party turnouts.  That’s a fairly tall order for 5 weeks organising and support-drumming, so you’d better get on with it!  We’ll cheer you on, from this side of the pond.

If, by some moderately major miracle, you achieve the required level of support and every court across America is rendered, for at least one day, unable to conduct normal business, it will send a serious message to the authoritarians. And their response may dictate whether the human race is  about to evolve, revolt or comply.

There’s enough at stake in that potential confrontation to keep us all warm over Christmas…

We the People, Not We the Corporations | Move to Amend.


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Refugee from the Stumbleupon Blogicide of October 2011 Here you will find my "kneejerk" responses to the world and what I happen to bump into. For my more detailed considerations and proposals, please visit my website or my previous main blogging site.

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