BBC News – Undercover detective accused of ‘corrupting’ trial

BBC News – Undercover detective accused of ‘corrupting’ trial.

Watch the feathers fly over this story. The Met are going to be canned for this. If he hasn’t already gone, then whichever senior officer signed off on allowing Sutton’s deception is about to experience early retirement.

And quite rightly. By being an unmonitored law unto themselves they are exhibiting all the traits associated with a Police State and have cast irredeemable doubt on the safety of the trial.

Had this been in pursuit of the London bombers or their ilk, one might have argued that it was necessary and proportional. But in pursuit of a Cyclist campaign “Reclaim The Streets”????!!!!

Arrogant Imbeciles.

And even on those occasions when such deception is justified (and there are targets where it would be absolutely justified, so don’t kid yourself otherwise), there is no excuse for acting without supervision and authority – from We The People; not politicians or judges.

That is the role of one of the Juries we will need to control the Trusted Surveillance system when we introduce it.




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