Australia at last – a quick summary in pictures

This, in case you were wondering, is where I disappeared to in September/October. Flew to Australia but stopped off in Hong Kong en route…

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong Skyline at Night

Meanwhile in Melbourne…

First Kookaburra

Mother Earth - William Rickett's Sanctuary

Tasmania (we stayed in Freycinet)…

First Wombat - big buggers ('bout the size of a Labrador) Expected Rabbit size...

the obligatory Kangaroo - complete with "Joey"

Maria Island - "Painted Cliffs"

Hazards Beach

Hazards Bay

Back on the Mainland…

Otway National Park - Walking among the Rain Forest Tree Tops

Sydney – the pretty one…

Street Art Festival - This is "Yarnbombing" (all coloured panels knitted)

Sydney - Street Art ("Art & About") - They were still working on this one...

there's a revolving restaurant at the top of this tower which I never got to eat in...

Sydney - Botanic Gardens

Obligatory Opera House, Harbour Bridge...

Last serious walk (to “Eagle Rock”) of the trip was most spectacular

yer actual "Eagle Rock" though I agree with my sister. Looks more like a tortoise...

Wave carved Rocks 300 feet above current Sea Level

Huge Gecko Helps His Friend Survive a Snake Attack [Video] | Geekosystem

Huge Gecko Helps His Friend Survive a Snake Attack [Video] | Geekosystem.


and next time you find some eejut arguing against the existence of altruism or reciprocity in the animal world, ask the eejut “what’s in it for the gecko?”

Google report reveals YouTube takedown requests… by country • The Register

Google report reveals YouTube takedown requests… by country • The Register.

well done Google. Now we need similar transparency on the part of the Authoritarians requesting the takedowns. In particular we need to know which US official requested takedowns because the videos revealed police brutality or “government criticism”. The individuals concerned should lose their jobs and the departments concerned should be reminded of their constitutional duties…

RTP Discussions :: View topic – When will we see “Resurrection” Technology

RTP Discussions :: View topic – When will we see “Resurrection” Technology.

I need to assemble a page of “Resurrection Science” linking to the hundreds of developments which make me optimistic that we will soon achieve “Omortality”.

Until I do that, however, this forum question I’ve just answered will partly fill the gap…

Details of all internet traffic should be logged – MEP • The Register

Details of all internet traffic should be logged – MEP • The Register.

ALMOST a good idea.

It’s flaw is the usual authoritarian design whereby an “authority” has a key to the data which they can use at will.

Under Trusted Surveillance, the keys will be held in various ways but the common factor uniting them all is that NO authority can use the keys without the co-operation (and thus surveillance) of ordinary citizens.

Technically this is not difficult. If the key is a, for example, 256 byte string, it is trivial to divide it among virtually any number of citizens in such a way that it requires – say –  90% of any randomly selected hundred citizens to agree that there is a prima facie case for combining their keys before they can be sure of re-assembling the key and getting at the data.

This ensures that keys are never exposed frivolously or maliciously because citizens will tend to operate on the “do as you would be done by” principle and only agree to expose a fellow citizen’s secrets in situations where they would accept that it would be reasonable to expose such secrets were they suspected of a similar “offence”.

It imposes true democratic control on the surveillance – which is a key reason why it will be widely Trusted. Except of course by the Authoritarians, who don’t trust citizens in the first place…

Zimbabwean claims prostitute turned into donkey • The Register

Zimbabwean claims prostitute turned into donkey • The Register.

I can’t decide which is the most bizarre aspect of this story.

is it

a) the fact that a man chose to have sex with a donkey

b) the fact that he was prosecuted for having sex with a donkey

c) the fact that he claimed it started off as a prostitute and turned into a donkey or

d) that my favourite source of IT news, The Reg, is reporting the story at all??

Feds nab granny in moon rock sting • The Register

Feds nab granny in moon rock sting • The Register.

minor but classic Police State authoritarian behaviour.  No evidence exists to suggest this was anything but what it appears on face value to be. Yet the State bullies detain the victim for a couple of hours and confiscate her property with no legitimate cause (though, as a Police State, they’ve probably made their theft “legal”).