Law teacher, 33, accused of raping 16-year-old male student in motel | Mail Online

so is it the position of the Long Island law that a 16 year old boy is incapable of giving his informed consent in a sexual situation?

That’s ludicrous on it’s own, but consider the situation of either a legally married couple (obviously married elsewhere in the States or almost any other western country) – one of whom is 16 and the other over 21, honeymooning in Long Island (go with it – this is a thought experiment). Would the local police seek to prosecute the elder spouse?

And what if the lucky bastard – sorry – rape victim and his “attacker” in this story had committed their act outside the jurisdiction of Long Island, somewhere such ridiculous laws didn’t exist; would they be prosecuted on their return?

I concede that her behaviour qualifies as professional misconduct – no different to a university lecturer having an affair with one of their students – but that’s a civil offence probably serious enough to cost her job; not a criminal offence likely to cost her freedom…


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