BBC News – London riots: Violence erupts for third day

been watching/listening to these developments all evening. Very difficult to determine the casus bellum. The initial flare up was a reaction to the killing of Mark Dugan in what looks like another fuckup by the police. The next wave seemed to be opportunistic looting, featuring delights like one female looter trying on the trainers she’d just nicked, to check they fitted. The third phase looks nihilistic; destruction for the sake of it.

What is clearly unprecedented and terrifying to the authorities is the wide dispersion of the attacks. They cannot afford the number of police it would take to prevent this spread of “insurgence” and the army are somewhat distracted elsewhere. If the youth across the country realises that, however small, their participation inevitably weakens the ability of the police to respond to the (potential) thousands of incidents…

As usual, we can anticipate an authoritarian kneejerk response to this wave of violent disobedience, contempt of authority and rejection of the social order.

Prominent in the firing line are social networks and Blackberrys. The first because the authorities can see dissidents planning their attacks on that platform; the second, because they can’t…


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