US court test for rights not to hand over encryption keys • The Register

I have been pointing out for some years now that enforced access to your computer/s is increasingly akin to enforced access to your mind and should be recognised as the major totalitarian crime it truly is. I predict that ACLU will lose this argument and confirm the status of the United States as a Police State along with all the other authoritarian states on the planet. I shall be delighted and somewhat relieved to learn that my prediction is wrong.

In any case, cast yourself a mere 10 or 15 years into the future when access to your computer systems will likely be controlled directly by your own mind and then ask how we’re going to defend ourselves against compulsory mind-reading in such situations if we lose the fight now…


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Refugee from the Stumbleupon Blogicide of October 2011 Here you will find my "kneejerk" responses to the world and what I happen to bump into. For my more detailed considerations and proposals, please visit my website or my previous main blogging site.

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