Its official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers • The Register

well colour me surprised…

Scary driving? Put the brakes on using your brain power

I’m entirely in favour of developing technology to minimise the slaughter on our roads. But is anyone even vaguely aware of where this kind of “mind-reading” approach is leading? And, if so, what are they doing about protecting our privacy and security from the deep threats it poses?

Hijacked by the hanging lobby: Activists use No.10s plan for people power to force MPs to debate death penalty | Mail Online

I love the classic authoritarian anti-democratic tone of this tabloid piece. The “weary predictability” of death penalty campaigners being among the first to take advantage of the tiny concession to democracy (the right to petition Parliament) says all you need to know about the Daily Mail’s opinion of the process of Democracy and the political views of most of its own readers.

Tips For Interacting With Police | Cop Block

classic “sousveillance” and illustrates the need for Trusted Surveillance

Touching display of affection for cop who beat man shackled to wheelchair&|&Cop Block

bullies stick together…

Marianne Faithfull – Crazy Love

later (gator)

POV – Watch Video | Mugabe and the White African: Full Length | PBS

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