Pixmania users report scam-spam bombardment • The Register


How, you may be wondering, did the plaintiffs KNOW they’d only ever used the email address for Pixmania? This trick works if you own your own domain (and it’s worth buying a cheap domain just to be able to do this)

Say you own the domain “spamtrap.com”. You set up a “wildcard” account so that ANYTHING@spamtrap.com comes through to you. Then, whenever you give (someone you don’t trust implicitly) an email address, you give them a unique address in the form “amazon@spamtrap.com” or “ebay@spamtrap.com” or (in this case) “pixmania@spamtrap.com”

Now, unless the incoming emails addressed to “pixmania@spamtrap.com” come from pixmania, you know a) it’s spam and b) where the spammers got the address from. Neat huh. My brother gave me that idea but I’ve seen it elsewhere so I’ve no idea who to credit…


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