Feline Forcibly Makes Dude Open Kitty Snacks – The Daily Treat: Animal Planet


a cat who understands the benefit of opposable thumbs…

Cyclist forced to slam on his brakes to avoid being hit by a police car | Mail Online


example of the need for ubiquitous Trusted Surveillance. Without his headcam footage, he just has an anecdote. Now he’s got evidence…



How to turn yourself into a psychopath. Insightful summary of the cost of routinely medicalising behaviour…

Proper scientists: Old folk should drink MORE, not less • The Register


wow, what a story to welcome me back from Glastonbury. Having fun and alcohol becomes better for us as we age. I’m quite sure the same applies to weed and I’ve corrected my forced abstinence from both over the past couple of weeks very pleasantly indeed, thanks for asking. The video’d Elbow concert helped.


the headline indicates deep psychosis but the punchline is “One of the judges at the court in the city’s ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim neighbourhood had reportedly asked local children to carry out the sentence”

assuming it’s true – How fucked up is that?

(I was forced to surface briefly from our Glastonbury quagmire to comment on this story. It prevented me having to sacrifice a small goat or virgin…)

Microscope and fluorescent light reveals beauty of a plain sheet of paper | Mail Online



Soviets supported Christian crusader Nazis in World War II | Mail Online


is this surprising? The Soviet citizens were living under a totalitarian dictatorship. One of the consequences of which would have been very little public awareness of what was going on outside their realm. It would not have been at all difficult for them to adopt the initial position that “anything must be better than this shit”. Eventually, of course, they learned better.

Hitler was more brutal. Stalin was more relentless and, in total, killed far more Russians than Hitler managed. Even more than Hitler’s massacre of the Jews and other imperfect specimens in the holocaust. Who knows, perhaps Hitler would have been better for Russia and the Russians – or at least less lethal – than Stalin turned out to be…