the best anonymous proxy server I’ve come across. Spread it around to anyone who finds themselves regularly blocked when accessing routine websites like Google, Wikipedia, political sites etc etc. Don’t waste your time if you’re just trying to hide your access to porn because – as with all anon proxies – your download speed will suck. (I get 0.1mb) Though if your main problem is anon uploading it’s a goodun (0.6) The bottom line is that this is an excellent anti-censorship tool and is most valuable to those seeking political news or uncensored conversations about freedom and activism etc (Iran, Arab countries generally, China etc)

Using it is pretty simple but NOT intuitive and NOT explained at all well in the setup or web page. If you’re a user of Internet Explorer, you’re probably not likely to be interested in using it anyway (ie users tend to be conformist and unadventurous, he said, throwing caution to the winds), which is a shame cos that’s the only browser it works with straight out of the box. For the serious surfer, here’s how to use it in Firefox:

1 Download Ultrasurf 1010 (or later if there is one) (from this page even though it says 1008)
2 Download the add on for firefox (contains the file wjbutton_en.xpi) from
http://www.ultrareach.com/download_en.htm (scroll to the firefox addon)
3 Install the Ultrasurf and run it
4 Close the ie which will run by default
5 In the Ultrasurf Options click “Do Not Use IE” AND “Hide Golden Lock”
6 Close Ultrasurf
7 Open wjbutton_en.xpi (if/when it asks “how” choose Firefox)
8 Run ultrasurf
9 Back in Firefox, bottom right, on the status bar you’ll see “WJ Disabled”, click it and it becomes “WJ Enabled”
10 Surf anonymously

Usual hygeine rules apply. Anything you download should be scanned by at least two up to date virus checkers before you run them and continue with all your normal protections.

Whenever you need normal speed and don’t need to mask your ip, just click the “WJ Enabled” and it is disabled. You’re back to normal “monitored” surfing.

Finally, in response to Saboma’s warning:
the problem with a lot of software like this is that – because it’s free, and freely available – the bad guys use it as bait. So they’ll host their own infected version. So I’m guessing that Saboma downloaded it from somewhere else. However, if you download the version from the author’s own page (this one) then unless the author is the culprit, you should be relatively safe.

That said, as I said above, normal hygiene rules always apply.

And whenever you still have cause for suspicion (eg because someone else think’s it’s infected as in this case) you can always take the ultimate infection test by submitting the file (and/or the url) to virustotal.org. There, the file is tested against a growing number of the best antivirus and malware detectors on the planet (currently about 40 different tests I believe) and see what their consensus is. I can confirm that for this particular software their consensus is that it’s clean…


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