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Just in case you were wondering, this is where I was from 14-21 May and the bulletins were what I was editing. (Sorry, Facebook followers, you’ll have to cut and paste the url as facebook can’t handle the spaces)

It is now our 34th year. Indeed we are now the longest serving active but unofficial institution associated with any Civil Service Trade Union (possibly ANY Trade Union) ever. And it is just as true today as it was all those years ago, that no-one has a clue why we’re doing it (and that includes us). All I can tell you is that, for better or worse, we’re part of the infrastructure…

Oh and apologies to any loyal readers who found they couldn’t access my fullmoon.nu website. It fell offline while I was in Brighton and I didn’t notice till I got back. Then nobody had a clue how to fix it and it took till yesterday to sort it out. Normal service has been resumed.


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