Go reconfigure: Machines that become whatever you want | Empress of the Global Universe


Actually came across this first in New Scientist but theirs is a subscription site. This article describes what I predict is the first generation of the technology which will eventually result in the Nanoclouds I talk about in Resurrection and the forum discussions.

Self assembling intelligent matter will eventually integrate with our organic selves, protecting them, internally, from all attacks and repairing damage. Amongst other things this will eliminate ALL disease, including ageing (the disease caused by the erosion of your telomeres).

In addition, it will map the topography and connectivity of your entire nervous system and allow a digital map of your “self” to be stored, initially, as a backup in computer storage. Ultimately, we’ll crack the software needed to reanimate the backups and thus give ourselves the option of digital existence inhabiting any physical form that suits us at the time (or none when we prefer to stay in the digital environment)


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