Inside the Human Body to show moment Gerald dies on BBC1 tonight | Mail Online

And the second “Informed Consent” story of the day.

I’m at a loss to understand the motivation of the authoritarians represented by the tabloid on this issue. First off, “huge controversy”?? Where? Who? I don’t know anyone at all who gives a shit. Those who are interested will watch it. Otherwise they won’t. Period. No one, outside the offices of tabloids up and down the country, is even talking about the program. At least, not yet. Certainly none are demanding it be stopped, other than the “usual suspects”.

What, exactly, are the manipulators even worried about? The BBC certainly isn’t chasing ratings. That’s one of the major benefits of NOT having it in the “free market”. It is clearly a highly educational series in the finest tradition of the Beeb.

Gerald clearly consented and hoped his contribution would help reduce the dread we all have of our own mortality and the inevitable death of our loved ones.

So where, exactly, is the “harm” which, presumably, our tabloid saviours are trying to save us from?


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