Cannibal arrested after dinner guest changes his mind because he was on the menu | Mail Online

the third “informed consent” story today.

This one, of course, reminds us of the famous case of Bernd Juergen B (google him) who was killed and eaten by his cannibal killer with his explicit informed consent. (He even INSISTED on eating part of his own penis) He wrote a detailed will – prior even to meeting his killer – expressing his desires and the video taken by the pair – at his insistence – leaves no doubt that he was doing exactly what he wanted entirely without coercion.

No research to date has suggested he was of unsound mind or incapable of making a decision truly based on his informed consent. As I’ve said elsewhere, your attitude to this and similar cases determines whether you are an autonomist (we are entitled to make our own minds up about doing anything at all as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else – without their informed consent) or an authoritarian. (There are some things you can’t allow people to decide for themselves)

I hope it’s pretty clear where I stand by now. How about you?


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