The situation, in a nutshell

Very rare dialogue. Most which reach this level of intensity descend, quite rapidly, into flame wars. This one maintains a certain balance. Nevertheless, Carn Ass looked more and more Troll-like as the encounter developed. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Yonira was his sock puppet.

All – bar the most blinkered Zionists – obviously agree that the abused have become the abusers. Personally, I’ve reached that position despite being genetically Jewish and being a member of a family that lost 56 members during the holocaust.

I was, only today, watching some moving footage, recently discovered, of the thriving Jewish communities in Warsaw and large areas of Germany in the 30s. You see the gradual escalation just in the pictures (the stars of David)

And I saw a dead ringer for my father briefly flash in and out of shot. Which reminded me that these were “my people” and that I’m supposed to feel a special bond for this particular tragedy.

I never have.

I’ve always been aware that, yeah, the Jews have a history of persecution culminating in a major attempt at genocide resulting in 6 million premature deaths; but why is that more “evil”, for example, than the futile and pointless slaughter of 9.7 million healthy men of optimal working and fighting age in the trenches of the first world war? (which, itself caused “collateral damage” leading to the deaths of a further 6.8 million civilians)

Why is it significantly more horrendous than the fate of at least 10 million Africans kidnapped into bondage with a cumulative prematured death toll on at least the same scale as the holocaust, though, granted, it was a somewhat slower process…

and so on.

My race is one of many victims. The truth is, there probably isn’t a race on the planet that has never been a victim. We are ALL victims and we owe each other the loyalty of victims: which, inter alia, requires us to fight the victimizers – whatever flag they fly…

the most stunning find for me, was the existence of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. Gamechanger. I’d really like to learn what the Zionist response was the offer of an area 150% the size of the current State of Israel. Don’t get me wrong. I can imagine a dozen good reasons why the Zionists would not have accepted the offer, but, at the very least, I would have expected them to study the offer and, if unsuitable, to place in the public domain their reasons for rejection. But more important than that, I’d expect it to form part of the history of the holocaust, and the plain fact is that it isn’t…


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