Legal Smoking Kills 6 Million, So Why is Marijuana Illegal? – International Business Times

I’m usually an optimist but I’m beginning to doubt that this is the relevant question.

What we really need to know is: why are populations so easily oppressed, even in the so called free western countries, that the authorities can literally get away with murder?

When you consider the sheer scale of obvious criminality and war crimes the US&UK governments have managed to perpetrate against foreign countries and their own citizens in the past 10 years, the obviously indefensible criminalisation of cannabis pales into insignificance. If we can’t even stop the bastards killing a million foreigners “in our name” what hope have we of gaining the trifling concession of autonomy over what we ingest?

And given the remarkable lack of protest against the criminality of their War on Terror, I don’t see any realistic prospect of organising the kind of civil disobedience campaign it would take to force an end to the War on Drugs.

Fill Any PDF Form

impressed. Tried it. It works. Bit slow, but given what you can do with it, that’s a price worth paying. The only other whinge is that if you download your edited version, you’ll find it’s bloated somewhat compared to the original. I uploaded a 60k pdf for test purps, did some random edits on the first page and downloaded the result – just over 5 mb worth. (Presumably because they do it all by converting everything to a bmp first, to make it freely editable) Nevertheless, if you ever need to modify a pdf the quick and cheap way, this does the job…

to which we might usefully add “Do not believe in anything simpy because you found it on the internet”

The Antikythera Mechanism… Built With LEGO : Discovery News

excellent. And provides real insight into the minds of one or more geniuses who engineered the same thing, from scratch, over 2,100 years ago. That’s even more mindblowing than the machine itself…

Boffins grow brains in petri dish • The Register

another significant step on the road to omortality. We can’t hope to create a true digital copy of a brain until we fully understand how the work at the lowest level and this research begins that process…

Hackers pwn PBS in revenge for WikiLeaks doco • The Register

this is really ‘king dumb. Why would supporters of Wikileaks want to appear to be opposing free speech? Just because they don’t like what’s being said??!! Boy have they failed to get the message…

School orders pupils to wear baggy clothes to deter paedophiles who like boys in tight trousers | Mail Online

OK, who forgot to feed the authoritarians their medication?