Married woman seduced by fake internet boyfriend launches fraud case against hoaxer | Mail Online

as far as I know, Trusted Surveillance is the only proposal which could prevent fraud like this without breaching privacy and anonymity…

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo describes being sexually assaulted by the TSA | Mail Online

have we ever seen an authoritarian prepared to defend this “state rape” publicly?

Supreme Court bans medicinal use of aloe plant

this is a (very) late April Fool (from 2001?)

BBC News – Morocco: Marrakesh blast rocks Djemaa el-Fna square

my wife thinks we had lunch there. We certainly ate within yards of it a couple of times. Grim…

TomTom apologies for giving customer driving data to cops • The Register

well that’s alright then comrades. TomTom are sorry they led the forces of internal repression straight to our door. YOU KLUTZ!!!!

US Supremes deal death blow to class action lawsuits • The Register

Major. Later

Nikon image authentication system cracked • The Register