Academic who hosted house party where girl, 15, died from overdose wrote report that concluded: Cannabis is good for you | Mail Online

the Mail uses the untimely death of a teenager who took ecstasy, to attack the owner of the house she died in (who wasn’t there at the time and didn’t supply the drug) because a few years back he dared to put his name to a fascinating study of the long term correlation of cannabis consumption with earnings. The Study reached the following embarrassing (to Drug Warriors) conclusion:

We have provided convincing evidence of the existence of a positive and signi cant relationship between a cognitive ability factor and lifetime cannabis use, which accounts for all the relationship between drug use and wages, and has been omitted in previous studies.” (download – link only visible from my SU page)

…which is not a message the authoritarians want to hear or, worse still, want you to hear. So they take this tragic opportunity to take a sideswipe at anything which might suggest that drug taking isn’t always a bad thing. They want you to take away the message that the girl’s death is the TYPICAL (if not inevitable) result of this naughty behaviour so JUST SAY NO.

That approach works when the audience has an IQ matching their shoe size. Unfortunately for the Drug Fascists, as this and many other studies have shown, average Cannabis users have higher IQs than average drug warriors. And that’s a very positive correlation…

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