BBC: PAM SEES GOD. NDE Pam Reynolds. Amazing! Full version!

mindblowing – thanks to Odisho Warda (facebook friend) for pointing me at this one. He asked me: “If this was there any way science could explain it?

First off, it IS true. In the sense, at least, that Pam recalls it happening and we have no good reason to doubt that it is a genuine memory. The more interesting question is “What does that memory imply?”

I dealt with related matters in my Telepathy article (link only visible from my SU page) I would personally expect the explanation to be something close to the picture I’m painting there. But it will be a while before we can fully explain it scientifically. All I can promise is this: if her experience reflects anything “Real” then there will BE a scientific explanation even if we can’t yet imagine what it is…


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