Girl discovers royal blood runs deep with U.S. presidents | Spokane

…before anyone wets their pants in excitement, bear in mind this piece posted by John Cowan in 2005:

“If you have any European ancestors at all, you are descended from Charlemagne. He lived about 40 generations ago, and is known to have living descendants, so his line has not died out. A person with European ancestry has about 239 ~~ 1012 theoretical male ancestors from his time. However, the male European population was only about 15 million, so there is a great deal of convergence. So , the probability that any one of those 240 possible male ancestors is not Charlemagne is about 1 – 1/1.5E8, or .0.999999933. But the probability that all of them are not Charlemagne is vanishingly small: 0.999999933239,”

For more detailed discussion, check this out.

Granted Charlemagne was nearly 400 years earlier, but given the very small change in population between the 9th and 12th centuries, the point still holds. Nothing to see hear folks, move along…


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