Did massive galaxy explosion of White Dwarf hypernova kill all alien life? | Mail Online


classic daily mail treatment of an astronomical non issue. Yes a hypernova occuring within a few hundred light years of our system could – if the jet ended up pointing in our direction – toast us. But there is no candidate for such a destiny within that distance so button it.

I’m more interested in this ludicrous ongoing nonsense “the great silence” based on the so called Fermi Paradox which suggests that because there is a high probability of life emerging elsewhere in the universe, it should have made itself known to us by now. This is so naive it makes me cringe.

Although “Talking to God” is obviously fiction, it gives what I would argue is a much more realistic notion of what to expect in terms of alien intelligence. One of the points I make in that story, is that we wouldn’t even recognise a “Level Two” lifeform as “being alive” unless it chose to reveal itself to us. Now, I have no idea, of course, whether my guesstimate is any more accurate than any other, but I do know that my hypothesis is plausible. That being so, what the “Great Silence” supporters need to consider is that the aliens might already be here and have been watching our little wet pebble for a few billion years.

It is the same naivete that has CETI scouring the sky for intelligent deliberately broadcast “radio signals” – as though an advanced civilisation would either need or use them. (think, quantum entanglement, for starters)


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