Study shows exercise can curb marijuana use and cravings

fascinating how hard they are trying to justify their own cannabis psychosis (the one that makes them think prohibition is sane). For the record, about 50% of my daily exercise sessions begin with a couple of tokes and the other 50% are followed by a couple more. Granted I’m a light (but regular) user, so I can’t compare my experience with a multijoint daily user, but that’s not really the point. The point is that the number of cannabis consumers who get into physical or psychological difficulties as a direct result of their consumption is a small fraction of those affected by their abusive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, burgers or sugar (etc). If the authoritarians were consistent, you’d expect either prohibition of all substances whose abuse can cause harm, or prohibition based on the degree of harm generally caused by abusive consumption. Any such “consistent” list which included cannabis would also include about 75% of the food and drink we consume and about 90% of the LEGAL drugs


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