@GOOD Asks: Should the Age at Which People Gain the Right to Vote Be Lowered? If So, to What Age? The Community Answers – Politics – GOOD


when we live in a democracy, there will a number of ongoing open debates. A citizen should be permitted to contribute to such debates at any age they feel competent to do so. The only qualification for participation in debate is the self judged interest in the topic. However, where a debate requires a decision, participation in the decision making process (for example, by voting) would be based on a default assumption of adulthood with say, a default age of 16+. But there should be provision to allow participation for any younger citizen whose contribution to the debate is regarded by his peers as “worthy” (modded up, “liked”, dugg etc). Having thus qualified for the vote, the citizen would be entitled to vote in all debates thereafter.

Note the absence of any mention of elections. Elections have NOTHING to do with democracy. Elections should be reserved for filling positions we require public servants to fill, and for which there is more than one obvious candidate. Such elected officials would have whatever powers the relevant laws dictated. But they would NEVER make the policy which defined such powers or the need for the post. THAT is the business of Democracy. Oh, and should we ever disapprove of the way they perform the duties of the post, we can, of course, recall them without notice…


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