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there is no valid case for coercion other than a response to criminal behaviour when, effectively, it comes under the label of “self defence”. In particular, given that no one in any nation on the planet (with, I think, the exception of the Swiss) has any voice in whether their nation-state goes to war, there can be no question of coercion which does not immediately render that state a dictatorship.

Of course, having said that, it is no more than a recognition that what we ALL live in (except the Swiss of course) are dictatorships, so the mere addition of coercive military drafting wouldn’t be a change in principle, only degree.

In any case, anyone who has a long term interest in promoting the democratic replacement for our dictatorships wouldn’t entertain the prospect of “the draft”. However, once we live in democracies, where the decision to go to war would be made, if at all, by the entire voting population, it would then be perfectly fair and reasonable to expect anyone who voted for war to participate – in whatever way they were capable of – in the war effort. And massive empire building standing armies would be a thing of the past…


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