the comments here are fascinating. Everyone seems to agree with the diagnosis (world=fucked; reasons x,y.z) but there is general hostility towards the prognosis. Which, even as a techno-utopian, I tend to share. I’m also stunned, not so much by the classic marxian explanation of how Capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction, which the film spells out in better detail than Marx could have hoped for but by the authors apparently genuine ignorance of the close parallels between their material and Marx’s original. Moreover their solution could have graced the agenda of many a five year planning committee had they had anything like the technological vision available to us.

Ultimately their solution fails because it assumes that the “correct” decisions are (and they say this explicitly) not “matters of opinion”. They are merely a matter of scientific analysis. That may be hugely desirable but it is,unfortunately, childishly naive, particularly in a world where only a tiny percentage have a good enough understanding of the relevant scientific issues to be able to evaluate the scientific analysis. A world which, if science could rule at all, it could only possibly do so on the basis of some form of coercion to force the citizenry to TRUST ME I’M A SCIENTIST. There is certainly no way you’ll persuade a majority of them to agree with you by mere rational argument and anyone who still thinks that’s possible must spend most of their time on a different planet.

None of which leaves me feeling any better. I agree with their diagnosis, and they’ve just ruled out another prognosis… hurray.


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