Fugitive tech CEO settles backdating case with SEC for $53m • The Register


another handy example of how money bypasses the Justice system the rest of us have to suffer…


my fave of the series…

Corporate Bullying: The Making of a Military State | BuzzFlash.org


I have to say this crystallises a certain negative feeling that’s been creeping up on me recently. The problems are getting worse, not better. The levels of psychosis in American society are now well beyond what any reasonable analysis would describe as safe. Even though I am safely here in the UK (where we’re still largely in the Neurotic rather than Psychotic stage), I feel a mounting dread that we are about to witness an implosion in the US of A and, if that happens, it aint just going to be a catastrophe for America, it will trigger the global collapse of economies and political systems and we’ll descend into a new dark age. Think I need some happy weed…

Practice makes safety: 20 agencies coordinate for mock Shasta Dam attack & Redding Record Searchlight


I only wish that cannabis activists WERE that motivated (though I would still advise them against such crude attacks particularly if there was any risk of injuring innocent civilians). The sad truth is that if Cannabis consumers can’t be arsed to protest at three quarters of a million political prisoners, there’s no chance in hell of them getting their act together for the sake of one!

US man slips into perv scanner-busting undies • The Register


I like it. If everyone wore garments or underwear incorporating material like this, the qunts would be forced to stop using their perverse naked scrutiny machines…

Network card rootkit offers extra stealth • The Register


ouch. We need a defence against this one pdq…

China-inspired charity aims to sex-down society • The Register


the authoritarians’ favourite target – Human Sexuality. If they had things their way, it would be banned…