Prevalence and Incidence of Pancreatic cancer –

I’ll explain my interest in this in my next comment

Risk of death and transportation

gold dust for anoraks like me.

what is the lifetime risk of being killed in a road traffic accident&x3f; – Wolfram|Alpha

Posted 31 Oct 2010
the question: “what is the lifetime risk of being killed in a road traffic accident?”
result: fail

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security

bear in mind – at all times when reading DebkaFile – that they’re not allowed to tell us anything the Israeli’s don’t want us to know. Which means that what you’re reading here is what they want you to believe. Most of the time, you can expect it, also, to be the truth, or a close approximation of the truth with, shall we say, a favourable spin in the direction of the Israelis. If that wasn’t the case, the site would have zero credibility after a few months and nobody would believe a word they repeated. But if they have a general reputation for reliability, they can slip in the odd disinfo without missing a beat. This, comrades is the work of professionals…

Your children will live to see man merge with machines. But will it save or destroy us? | Mail Online

nothing new here for transhumanists. But it is interesting to see the topic covered in reasonable detail in the mainstream…

The Art of Protest on Vimeo

In the 80s I was a full time union activist and I was involved, obviously, in occasional industrial disputes. One, in particular, is relevant. It was the classic typical pay dispute. Various actvists were calling for one day strikes, two day strikes, campaigns of one day strikes, works to rules, overtime bans and all that usual bollocks. I was branch secretary at the time and I drafted a four page circular to my members telling them the truth. The only way they could guarantee winning a pay dispute with the government was to be prepared to remove that government by making it impossible for them to govern. I pointed out that the Civil Service striking on their own could not achieve that and that if we were serious, we had to try to co-ordinate our activities with the other public sector unions and campaign for a massive public sector strike. My favoured strategy was to pull out key workers only, while the remainder stayed in work, collecting wages which could be used, in part, to fund the strikers. I emphasised that, should this strategy work, it would bring down the government and that they should only support my proposal if they were prepared to go that far. I got just under 70% support on a high turnout. I still believe precisely the same thing. Unless you’re prepared to make it impossible to govern, you are wasting your time with “Protests”. Naomi Wolf describes in painful detail how the modern authoritarian state has learned to contain “protests” and, in the process, to emasculate them. But it’s our fault for letting the bastards get away with it…

EFF calls for repeal of Data Retention Directive • The Register

good look with that chaps…