EDITORIAL: 9/11 cover-up – Washington Times


initially mystified. The Washington Times is a known right wing rag which supported Bush to the hilt. Why would they be digging up the dirt on the cover up of 9-11 data? Aha! because in this instance it would embarrass Clinton! Gotcha…

Radio Argues 76% People Want Pay for Cellphone FM Tuner – ExtraTorrent.com The Worlds Largest BitTorrent System


actually, I’m one of those who would like to have FM in the mobile. But that’s so I could listen to the already ad free BBC which is already my exclusive radio source…

Iranian blogger gets 20 years • The Register


not many people campaigning for this poor sucker…

aspirin deaths in the USA – Wolfram|Alpha


I’ve just asked it to tell me about aspirin deaths in the USA. It will either tell me all about deaths in the USA or all I could ever want to know about aspirin. But, at this point in time, it refuses to combine the two and tell me how many of those deaths are caused by aspirin. I think I’m going to use that as a test. I’ll repeat it, from time to time, to see how the young whippersnapper is coming along… (20100930- just tried it with slightly different – more direct – wording “How Many Deaths Are Caused By Aspirin in the USA?”; identical result)

Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything | Video on TED.com


well that’s pressed my optimism button. What we’re seeing here is the first generation of the web based AI which will take over from Google within the next decade or so. It is the most necessary weapon on our fight to remove government and implement democracy. It will provide anyone with access to the web with the means to find the answer to any question they can imagine. RELIABLY, comprehensively and honestly. Just pause awhile and think how frightening this prospect is going to be when governments and religions really get their heads around it. Then you’ll understand how and why they will try so hard to ban it, or make it otherwise impossible to access. And it made me want to pick up the book again. I bought “A New Kind of Science” when it first came out. Spent some time looking at the pretty pictures, read the first few pages, fell asleep and haven’t been back to it since. I think I need to try harder this time…


message sucks. Footage, amazin…

HMS Press Release – Newly discovered RNA steers brain development