Economic Elite vs The American People- Interview With Max Keiser and David Degraw


How many deaths are caused, annually, by aspirin, in the united states? – True Knowledge,_annually,_by_aspirin,_in_the_united_states

but it too, fails the aspirin deaths test question…

Who invented the hovercraft? – True Knowledge

we have progress to report! I reviewed this site in Nov 2008 and complained about its performance in response to my question: “Who invented the Hovercraft?” They seem to have fixed it…

Scientists develop new way to decipher hidden messages in symbols

particularly like this one because it represents a step in the direction of the “prediction” in “Talking To God” viz: decoding of the human genome using “thinking machines”…

The Road To World War III: The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left To Play | The Public Record

later (mt)

HABITABLE ALIEN WORLD discovered 20 light-years away! • The Register

the bayesian probability of ubiquitous life just leapt significantly closer to 1…

US demands right to snoop the world • The Register

oh that makes me feel a lot safer. MEPs are protecting our rights in respect of privacy and data mining against the US Government. What could possibly go wrong?